RHL Yearbook

Please enjoy RHL Class of 2021 "Oh, How They Have Grown"!

The Links to the Graduation Ceremony Photos can be found here.

This year's book will feature interactive pages (coloring pages, places to record memories, etc.), stories, photographs, and artwork from the 20-21 year!

Cover may look slightly different, early draft.

Purchase your 20-21 RHL Yearbook!

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Yearbooks are on sale, ONLINE ONLY...

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Thank you for your patience...It has been one weird year!

If you do not know your Student ID... (that is okay.)

Go ahead and make a community member account under your name.

If you are a community member, please sign up for an account here*.

Use "YOUR STUDENT NAME" as the username...

or put it under student's name so I know who to release the book to in the Fall.


Go to Items at all Schools > MIDDLE SCHOOL > HOMELINK RIVER > RHL

Thanks in advance,

Yearbook might be using these as quotes in the 20-21 yearbook with your name.

You may answer this survey multiple times!

Write a bit, then come back and add your images!

Come back to this survey and enter as many quotes/images/

photographs as you want! We need tons!

These are YOUR MEMORIES! Help us gather them!

Parents! Teachers! We need your stories as well!

You are invited to the 2021 RHL "Mask"arade Ball.

All students (any grade-level), all parents, and all staff are invited to participate.There are a few ways you can participate in the RHL "Mask"arade Ball.

1. Take a Photo of you wearing your "Mask"arade Mask.

2. Get dressed up in your finest clothes and take a photo doing something that you do in QuarenTime.

3. While you are dressed up... why not snap a "traditional" prom photo with your mom or dad? or your pet?

4. Did you get out and Dance anywhere? Square dancing? Dancing in the moonlight? Just Dance in the Living Room! Show me your moves!


Do one, or all, of these ideas and post your photos to the RHL Yearbook website, this post, or tag #RHLyearbook on instagram.

The "Mask"arade Ball photos will be compiled into a presentation to be posted on the RHL Yearbook Website and linked also to the RHL social media.

Most of all, HAVE FUN with this! Can't wait to see you having a Ball!

Post photos on the RHL Yearbook Facebook Page, tag #RHLYearbook on Instagram, or Upload photos using the button located below.

Photos to be used in the Yearbook.

Use the button below to launch yourself into the RHL Art Show for this year.

Many thanks go out for all the creative work this year!

Enjoy the show!

Photo Events to take part in! Scroll Below.

Be Bold this week! Dress in your Star Wars gear this week and show it off!

Take a photo, create a video, make a drawing... of how you are reaching out and tell us a little bit about it.

Bonus points for recreating a movie scene!

RHL Yearbook Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Week of May 4th!

Be Bold this week! Dress in your Star Wars gear this week and show it off!

Take a photo, create a video, make a drawing... of how you are reaching out and tell us a little bit about it.

Bonus points for recreating a movie scene!

Post photos/videos/drawings here on the RHL Yearbook Facebook Page, tag #RHLYearbook on Instagram, or Upload photos using the button located below.

Check back here on Monday and on the RHL Yearbook Facebook page for a slideshow updated with everyone's photos!

Fire & Ice Yearbook Challenge

As you begin to play in the snow, please consider making art or taking photos based on the theme Fire and Ice.

I Heart River HomeLink

For the Month of February... We are collecting...


to display on the outside of River HomeLink's building and virtually on our social media.

Create a HEART shape artwork and drop it off at the school in the RED RHL LOVE box by the front door!

Any size is okay. Any Medium is okay. *they will not be returned to the artist.

ALSO!... Feel free to make cards and hearts for your teachers and drop them into the RED RHL LOVE box and we will put them in the teacher's box for you!

If you cannot make it to school, please upload the photo of your heart (with or without your face) here to be added to the virtual heart display.

Tell us why your love River on the survey as well! -Much love from RHL Yearbook.

Last submissions for display is February 22nd. Hearts will be posted each week.

We wanted to get some important yearbook details to you. This is going to be one of the most historic yearbooks we’ve ever created, and we encourage your participation! We’re excited to have your content in the book. While our traditional events might not be happening, there is still quite the student life story to be documented.


We are working on getting things together to begin selling the 20-21 Yearbook shortly. They will be online sales.

If you have a story for us to include in the book, send it our way! If you have a photo that you would like to send for consideration, please upload it here. Make sure to include any important details along with your photo.


We will also be holding more weekly photo challenges that will be listed below and on social media with ways to upload to those contests.


Periodically, we will be reaching out, asking for you to answer a survey or submit a picture. Be on the lookout for that.

You can follow us on social media @YearbookRHL on Facebook and we’ll also post updates here to our school website.

This book will tell the unique story of this year, and we are excited for you to be a part of it!


Virtual Santa Photos

Join us on Friday, December 18th from 1:00 to 3:00

for Virtual Santa Photos!

Everyone is welcome to the Zoom Session for Carols and Merriment, but we will only have time to pull those who sign up into Santa's Room for a Photo with Santa.

Sign up now before the slots are gone! Sign Up for Slot here.

Come and Sing Carols and Share in the Holiday Merriment!

Zoom link Ho-H0-here.

Yearbook will use the School Photos we get from Lifetouch that were taken on-site this Winter.

If they were uploaded to Lifetouch, we will not have access to them. You need to upload it to us here also.

Upload Student Photos here for use in the Yearbook. (K-12, even Seniors)

More information on this PAGE.

Winners from the Spirit Week Drawing are:

The winners of the random drawing are:

Shane E.-4th grade (k-4)

Magdelana L. - 8th grade (5-8)

Mia N. -10th grade (9-12)

The Long Family won for the Family pic.


Dine M. and Lynda Meza won for the Staff!

We have a GREAT virtual event in the works for December! Stay turned and jolly!

Have a Great Turkey Day!

Winners will receive their prize in the mail. Watch your mailbox for mail from Boss Broyles!

(It is on its way...1-29-21)

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