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We will have a few books available for sale for those who forgot to purchase last year.

There will be a list to add your name right outside room 16

beginning on Thursday, Sept. 1st. (Broyles out on Wednesday 8-31)

Add your name to the list and we will let you know when you can come in to purchase the extra books. No guarantee we will have enough, but probably. Get your name on the list ASAP.

Thanks in advance,

Yearbook may be using this information and photos in the 21-22 yearbook with your name.

You may answer this survey multiple times!

Write a bit, then come back and add your images!

Come back to this survey and enter as many quotes/images/

photographs as you want! We need tons!

These are YOUR MEMORIES! Help us gather them!

Parents! Teachers! Staff!

We need your stories as well!


The 21-22 Yearbooks are now on Sale!!!

They are only $20.

Purchase online and in the MAIN OFFICE now.


Yearbooks are distributed next Fall during Orientation.

Please use the Survey above to share photos and quotes with us to use in the yearbook and to get more information.

RHL Yearbook encourages you to Lend A Hand!

Starting Wednesday, November 17th, 18th, and 19th

and Monday, November 22nd

RHL YEarbook will be hosting the Lend A Hand drive-thru food drive.

Food and Goods can be Dropped during the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, by the RHL Garden area at the parking lot exit and the Yearbook team will gather goods from you.

(you can also drop off in the Pit area in the RHL Commons)

All food will be donated to the North County Food Bank.

We can only take non-perishable goods such as box noodles, stuffing, canned vegetables, and more!

While you are at the garden dropping off food go ahead and drop off your old pumpkins and leaves for the Community Garden!

We are also taking hand turkey drawings

that show what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving!

A couple of drawing tutorials are posted below here and on RHL social media.

We will be posting your hand turkey drawings on the exterior windows of RHL to show!

We are so thankful for the River Homelink community and hope you help us by sharing with the wider community.

Draw a Hand Turkey!

You can collage it, color it, make it out of cereal boxes or food wrappers, write what you are thankful for all over it, anything school-appropriate! Bring it in, Cut-out, and place it in the Turkey Box located by the RHL front door! Yearbook will post your turkeys to the front windows!

Advanced Turkey Tutorial

Easy Hand Turkey

Here you will find information about: