Grade Level: K-8

Prerequisite: Forecasting with PrimeLink Coordinator

PrimeLink is a consultant-based program for K-8 students. The opportunity for students and their parent(s) to meet weekly with an educational consultant is the backbone of the PrimeLink program. Whether parents are brand new to home-schooling or have home-schooled for multiple years, our families are grateful for the encouragement and variety of support they receive through ongoing interchange with PrimeLink consultants. Students enjoy activities, educational games, and other learning opportunities with their consultants.

Assistance to the parents is available including:

• educational materials selection

• learning goals

• documentation of progress

• teaching strategies and learning styles

• ideas for solving a multitude of other day-to-day issues that affect successful homeschooling

Teacher: James Williams and consulting team

Consultations: Weekly

Learning Location: Home

AT HOMELINK: One hour weekly consultation. Students may take electives but are not required.

At HOME: Home hours up to 27.75 depending on individual schedule.

Parent Attendance: Parents are required to attend all consultations with students.