Mrs. Donahue

Exploring Art & Cultures

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

This year we are going to be studying:

Italy "Pinocchio"

Ancient Egypt "The Alchemist"

Russia "Breaking Stalin's Nose", "Letters from Rifka"

Costa Rica

Gratitude Journals are coming home. Students are to write 5 things they are grateful for everyday until break. This is meant to be intentional and reflective. Make this a family project!

Dec. 2 Late Start, EAC starts at 12:35 If you cannot make it in today, I will be posting pages for "The Alchemist" in Literature, our ancient Egypt plan in Social Studies, and you should work on finishing your Italy paper.Yes school-Nov. 25 & 26, No thank you school Nov. 27-29-Enjoy!!

Italy projects due: Nov. 21/Nov. 22 Italy papers due: Dec. 5/Dec. 6

Italy Showcase is Nov. 21/Nov. 22 during 4th block, 12:30ish. Yes, we eat again.
No School on Nov. 11-Spirit Week starts on Nov. 4 M/T Monochromatic or school colors (blue, black, silver), W Fiction day or purple, TH/F Disney day or tie-dyeThe BOOK FAIR is Nov. 6-8-YES!!!!Italy Plan has been updated as of 10/31
Parent Days-Oct. 31/Nov. 1Your child attends their classes in the morning.8:15-8:45 Block 1 Class (my prep)8:50-9:20 Block 2 Class (my consulting time)9:25-9:55 Block 3 EAC 10:00-10:30 Block 4 EAC 10:35-11:05 Block 5 EAC Lunch 11:10 from 11:50Workshops that I am offering-you are welcome to attend any workshops that you would like. I would really like to see you for goal setting and reflection. I will have additional iReady data.Workshops-there are other optionsBlock 1-11:55-12:25-Mrs. B in 20 (I have 1-1 meetings)Block 2-12:30-1:00-Mrs. B in 20 (I have 1-1 meetings)Block 3-1:05-1:35- EAC data, reflection, and goalsBlock 4-1:40-2:10-Home instruction-teaching about budgets with Shannon DykstraBlock 5-2:15-2:45- EAC data, reflection, and goals

Food Fest for Italy is Oct. 24 and 25 during 3rd block. M/Th Sign up-hopefully T/F Sign-up hopefullyYour student can sign up for food in Google Classroom, EAC, Classwork.School Carnival is coming up Oct. 24. Please let me know if you would like to help me out. We will be doing our bow and arrow "game" again.Oct. 8, 9, and 11 are no class attendance days for students. The days are still considered school days on our calendars. I will be assigning work that would have been covered in class. I have worked hard to make this as painless as possible and the plan will be discussed with students on Oct. 4. The plan is in "Coursework".
The Liberty Theater in Camas is showing a movie about Leonardo Di Vinci's work- you parents for making our International Food Fest a huge success!! Thank you for preparation, participation, and cleaning up (we have hot water again!) A few announcements: 1. I like to send home progress reports at the end of each month. Please sign them and return them. It helps me to know that you know what is going on in their classes. It is in a true partnership that we can best support your student. Your purple goal sheets are coming home as well. 2. October ELA packets are available for you to copy on the Parent Resource shelf. 3. We started using our SCOPE magazines this week and I feel they are going to be a great resource for vocabulary and exposure to diverse text. As usual I overdid it a bit the first time, but I will figure it out. 4. We will begin to have more of a literature circle/Socratic Seminar approach to our literature discussions. If your student does not want to do their literature work at home, this will be an uncomfortable format for them. Sad. Luckily there is one easy way to solve that problem-do your work! 5. I have posted the Italy plan(ish) in the "Calendar and Unit Plan" section of this website.Please note the new "Parent Resource Page" tab. Use this document to share information with other EAC home instructors. I am hearing about some really great resources during consultations-please share them!!International Food Fest will be this Th/F, Sept. 26/27 during 3rd block. This is a change, but a logical idea that was suggested by a parent. This way, they bring in food, consume, have a nice long recess, then they are ready to work in the afternoon-no napping! We will give it a try.Sign up for food items in Google Classroom: Monday/Thursday:
Thank you families for attending our planning day and setting goals for your student with me. The more we can work together, the more support we can offer your student. If you did not attend, let's do this during consultation or sometime next week.I think next time we meet, we will focus on writing. My goals:Goal: By the end of November-all students will be integrating vocabulary into their coursework that meets grade level expectations and turned in on time. Each student will read at least 20 minutes a day.Goal: By the end of January I would like to see growth within vocabulary iReady scores for all students.
"What is going on Sept. 19/20?" you are asking yourself. Well, this is the concept and big idea as far as I understand it. The purpose is to use data to set some common goals that will complement both class and home instruction. A secondary goal is to touch base concerning what will be going on in EAC through December. These are conversations that will provide you with an understanding of my plan and the why, as we are partners. I will have iReady scores, writing samples and our first coursework packet from "Loser" for us to review, understand expectations, and to use to set goals. Students need to attend as they need to be part of the conversation. The purpose is not to rehash orientation information, rather to use data to better support student learning as a team. It is true that the expectation is that you will visit all classes. Does admin. understand that you have multiple students? Yes. Will you do the best you can? I hope so. I will be running sessions in the morning and in the afternoon. You will have multiple opportunities to swing on by. If you consult, hey, we will just do it sometime during these sessions-it will be great!This is our schedule as far as I know it as of right this very minute (9/11 1:20 PM)AM Block 1 8:15 - 8:45 (elective)Block 2 8:50 - 9:20 (elective)Block 3 9:25 - 9:55 EACiReady & writing sample-goal setting with parent and student, parent partnership expectations, EAC plan for Sept-NovBlock 4 10:00 - 10:30 EAC (Stay if you can, move along if needed)Continued discussion and collaboration/ consultBlock 5 10:35 - 11:05 EAC (New Group)iReady & writing sample-goal setting with parent and student, parent partnership expectations, EAC plan for Sept-Nov Lunch 11:10 - 11:50PM Block 1 11:55 - 12:25 (elective)Block 2 12:30 - 1:00 (elective)Block 3 1:05 - 1:35 EACiReady & writing sample-goal setting with parent and student, parent partnership expectations, EAC plan for Sept-NovBlock 4 1:40 - 2:10 EAC (Stay if you can, move along if needed)Continued discussion and collaboration/ ConsultBlock 5 2:15 - 2:45 EAC (New group)iReady & writing sample-goal setting with parent and student, parent partnership expectations, EAC plan for Sept-Nov
Please note the two new coursework assignments listed under "coursework". 1. Ch. 3-9 of "Loser" students need to answer questions and respond to prompts in binder. I have provided them with a sheet that notes writing expectations. 2. The Family Tree and Family Interview in their Family History Packet-If a student cannot complete part of the family tree because of life-please do not stress. We all have our journeys and they are all wonderful-do what you can, that is all I will ever ask.We will be doing iReady reading testing on Sept. 9 and 10. For testing it would be great if families could bring in healthy snacks and/or drinks. We take as much time as needed and take breaks every 30 minutes for food as well as fresh air breaks. We will use this data to set goals within ELA as a team during consultation and that is why we are doing it so soon. Families can be in the room during this testing. If you teach math at home, we can schedule a time to do math testing if you desire, others will complete the task in their math classes. I will not be there for the first part of class on Monday.
**Please note M/Th families. I added an assignment in the "Coursework" section to have students write something for me in the composition books I sent home with them. It could be a short story, telling me about their summer, or a letter they would like to write to me. This is just a writing sample for me to see where we are as we start the year, so do have the students complete this themselves. If they are struggling writers, set an attainable goal for quantity based on your knowledge of their skills. T/F folks will do this in class on Tuesday. Thank you.**Welcome back families! This is going to be a great year! I just love starting the year with a day off to mix up the balance of our schedule =No school on Monday due to Labor Day.Please note that our M/Th class has a severe peanut allergy-we cannot have them in class. My mom's surgery was great-she went from being blind in her eye to 20/50 already. Thank you for your support yesterday and showing up by noon. Please let me know ASAP if I need to get your signed up with IXL.

Fall Orientation is August 27, 10 am for those that did not attend the Spring Orientation August 27 pm and 28 am is set up to pick up curriculum and get final details about class and the school year. I will not be available after lunch on that day.
First day of school is August 29 & 30! Remember that we start class at 10:45-3:00.

School Calendar as of 8/22