Litlink 3/4

Mrs. Avery

Room 11

Partnership Time

Week A

Monday - Theresa (Lochlan), Sadie (Eli),

Tuesday - Debbie (Keegan), Bree (Ella), Shanna (Aria), Christina (Zeke),

Thursday - Susan (Alice), Rachel (Aubree), Savannah (Paxton)

Friday - Kristin (Ian), Alyssa (Charlotte)

Your partnership day is also your advising day.

In the beginning it is easiest if you bring your at home learning workbooks with you.

This way we can refer to them as I fill out the monthly progress review during our meeting time.



Friday, October 7th is teacher in service. Teachers all across Washington State participate in professional development. We will not have classes for students on this day.

Scholastic Books

You can order books for your child and help our classroom at the same time!

Go to

Click on connect to my teacher.

Enter our classroom code - MQXJT

Create an account or log into your existing account.

Shop all grade levels and genres! Order books and pay online.

Please place your order by Friday, Oct. 7th.

I will finalize our classroom orders on the evening of the 7th and the books will arrive

to our classroom within a couple of weeks! :)

You CAN order at anytime and the books will come to our classroom, but I try to put in a

class order monthly. It is usually best to order at that time.

If you want to order books but want to keep it a surprise for your child, let me know!

When you place an order we receive classroom points. The more points, the more books I can order for the classroom library. I SO appreciate parents helping in this way! Thank you!!

I ready Assessments

I will share your child's assessment scores with you at your October advising appointment.

Payback Books

Please send in your payback envelopes!

In Class Learning

Writing - We have been working on learning how to write complete sentences and how to structure a paragraph. This week we will brainstorm and begin drafting personal narrative stories.

We will also start assembling Figurative Language resource booklets. This week's figurative language topic will be onomatopoeia - sound words! Bam! Bang! Crash!

Social Studies - Native American Regions of North America Map - label and color in regions, Begin studying the Northwest Coast

Literature - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 10 - 12 vocabulary, comprehension questions

Art - Finish Coloring Crazy Hair Day Portraits - mixed media, lines

Begin new art project - Candy Array Drawings

At Home Learning

Grammar - one rule/lesson each week (3 practice pages)

Spelling - one lesson each week (3 practice pages)

Lexia Reading - a minimum of 30 minutes per week (more is better)

Reading - Work on reading about one hour a day 3 days a week

Reading/comprehension questions/vocabulary/fluency

Enrolled in a math class - work on math 3 days a week at home (80 minutes daily)

Math only at home - 5 days a week (80 minutes daily)

Science - Either a science class at school or complete one lesson at home each week.

Look under the Science tab above for Mystery Science lessons!

Health/PE - One lesson each week

Typing - practice typing a minimum of 15 minutes a day 3 days a week

Students go to Clever to find the typing app.