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My philosophy on student learning is that all students can learn. Students come to class in varied states of preparedness and my goal is to engage all students with a curriculum which allows every student some piece which will interest them within the curriculum.

My background:

I had spent 4 years in the Air Force as a medic at the end of the Vietnam war from 1973-1977. I was stationed in Japan and Florida. While stationed in Japan our mobile hospital unit was mobilized to work with Vietnamese refugees as they were pulled out of South Vietnam and sent to either Wake Island, Guam or the Phillipines. I was stationed in Guam for approximately 4 months.

I have worked for a variety of companies spanning 25 years which included high tech companies such as Infocus, Fujitsu, ITT and others. In addition I worked for low tech companies which rounded out my varied background. My background lends itself well to the classroom when kids ask the inevitable questions about how they will use education in their day to day lives when they are adults.

My teaching background includes 6 months teaching math at Shahayla Middle School in the Evergreen district as well as 16 years at Maple Grove and my first year here at Tukes Valley Middle., I have taught all subjects (except electives) to include grades 7 and 8.