Computer Technology

Daybreak Middle School

Daybreak Middle School is commiteed to the development of good digital citizens. As an educator, I strive to bring the digital world into our computer lab, and allow students to learn from all that is around them. They are given much in the way of choice and creativity. We spend a large portion of time at the beginning of the semester learning about digital safety and citizenship. We primarily use Google's Be Internet Awesome curriculum for this.

The work we do is centered on the Washington State Technology Standards. Students will use Windows 2010 and MS Office 2013 (both to be updated in December 2017), while also learning now to navigate Google Apps for Education. We will explore digital applications in programming and multi-media presentation as well.

A large emphasis is put on keyboarding skills. We practice at the beginning of each class period. This practice time fluctuates, depending on the age and skill level. We take a time test at the beginning and end of the semester and 4 quizzes throughout to show progress. We use Typing Master Pro application at school. Students also have access to many websites to use at school and home for practice. Below is a link to a list of these sites.

Outside of our planned lessons, students are also encouraged to free explore multi-media and game sites. Below is a document with links to site I have introduced in class. This document will be updated as we move through the semester. Both of these documents are also found on the ABOUT page of our Google Classroom page.

This website is new for the 2017-2018 school year. Last update on September 17, 2017

Free Choice Student Websites