Glenwood Heights Primary Health and Fitness

Welcome to Mrs. Carter's

Health and Fitness Website

Health and Fitness is a fun and exciting class that you will have all year long

every year while you are here at Glenwood Heights primary.

I am the lucky one that gets to be your teacher!

This is my 25th year of teaching health and fitness. I also teach an online class at Heritage University in Standards Based Grading for graduate students. This is my first year teaching at Glenwood Heights. My passion is living a healthy lifestyle. But most importantly I really enjoy teaching students about lifetime wellness, in both fitness and in health. It's never to late to start a pathway to being healthy.

I stay very active with my husband and my two dogs, Cali and Zoey. Fun things I really enjoy are walking, hiking, jogging, mountain bike riding, stand up paddle boarding, gardening, snowboarding, snowshoeing, basically anything outdoors!

Office: 360-885-5250 ext. 1439

Today's PE classes are more than running laps and playing sports Article on Health and Fitness in middle school.