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Bi-zi farms field trip

-- Friday, October 19th. Permission slips on the CAM website --

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Welcome to the new Middle School ASB website! Here you will be able to find updates and recent news on ASB, schedules for ASB sponsored events, and much more. This webpage is currently still a work in progress, so if you have any ideas or requests on improving this site, email or talk to our ASB representatives, or use the form, here.

Thank you!

Recent News + Days to keep in mind

Recent News:

10/19/18: Bi-Zi Farms & Costume Day: It is time for your favorite field trip of the year! Find permission slips on the CAM website. Costume Day is our spirit day. (Please no masks or weapons.)

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Important Dates

10/16/18: Next ASB Meeting

10/19/18: Bi-Zi Farms Field Trip & Costume Day

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