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--February 19th through 26th. A chance to support the ALS cause!--

--December 18th through February 25th. Bring in Box Tops for the school!--

--Tuesday, March 19th. An afternoon of fun and games!--

Recent News & Important Dates

Recent News:

2/19-2/26/19: ALS Fundraiser: A fundraiser to raise money in support of Mr. Hilario, our former vice principal, who was diagnosed with ALS.

3/19/19: Big Al's Bowling: One of our most popular field trips, to Big Al's for hours of bowling.

Note: Days on the right are a brief overview. For a complete rundown, visit the Schedule subpage.

Important Dates

2/26/19: Next ASB Meeting

12/18/18-2/25/19: CAP Box Tops Contest

2/19-2/26/19: ALS Fundraiser

3/19/19: Big Al's Bowling & Cozy Day

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