Bathellier Lab

The Lab

Located in the Hearing Institute (Institut de l'Audition) a research center of the Institut Pasteur in Paris, the Bathellier lab is investigating the computational principles of auditory and multisensory processing. To do so, we combine advanced mathematical analysis and theoretical modeling with a large array of experimental approaches, including two-photon calcium imaging, multichannel electrophysiology, optogenetics and mouse behavior. 


The IdA (Institut de l'Audition) is hiring a new group leader to push the frontiers of fondamental or translational research in hearing science, auditory neuroscience. Check the job offer and forward it.

We published a new paper highlighting major differences between sensory responses in the awake and anesthetized state. Under anesthesia, sensory evoked neuronal assemblies closely resemble spontaneous assemblies. In the awake state, spontaneous and evoked assemblies are clearly distinct. This study was carried over by Anton Filipchuk in collaboration with Alain Destexhe at NeuroPSI.

Congratulations to Sara Jamali who successfully defended her PhD thesis on Sept 30th, 2022 !

We published a new paper demonstrating the presence of olfactory information in mouse barrel cortex, unrelated to odor-induced facial behavior. Congratulations to Anthony Renard (now at EPFL) and Evan Harrell (now in Bordeaux NeuroCampus).


The Hearing Institute organizes with the Institut Pasteur a new course on the mechanisms of Hearing from the cochlea to brain circuits and auditory cognition. The courses features features a lot of hands-on training, including on in vivo two-photon imaging with cutting edge microscopes.  Registration deadline 21/03/2022.

Brice Bathellier receives the Foulon Prize of the French Academy of Science

We published a new paper by Evan Harrel demonstrating that barrel cortex is necessary for discrimination of texture orientation with the whiskers. The paper also investigates underlying neural codes.

Congratulations to Anthony Renard who successfully defended his PhD thesis on Sept 14th, 2021 !

Evan Harrell moves to Bordeaux University where he obtained a Chaire d'Excellence.

We published a new paper with the Bouvier lab demonstrating that it is possible to image deep brainstem neurons of the motor system using Inscopix head-mounted microscopes to monitor the activity of genetically identified neurons during locomotion. This revealed an unexpected complexity in the fonction of genetically identified circuits. Bravo to Joanna Schwenkgrub for this tour de force. 

A new paper published in Science Advances with the Shulz lab demonstrates new vistas on whisker motion codes in barrel cortex neurons. Congratulation to Evan Harrell for this cool work.

After 7 years at UNIC and in the Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience, the Bathellier lab has now moved to the Hearing Institute (Institut de l'Audition) a new research center of the Institut Pasteur in Paris, largely supported by the Fondation pour l'Audition.