Bathellier Lab

The Lab

Located in the Hearing Institute (Institut de l'Audition) a research center of the Institut Pasteur in Paris, the Bathellier lab is investigating the computational principles of auditory and multisensory processing. To do so, we combine advanced mathematical analysis and theoretical modeling with a large array of experimental approaches, including two-photon calcium imaging, multichannel electrophysiology, optogenetics and mouse behavior. 



Boris Gourévitch and Brice Bathellier organize with Hearing Institute and the Institut Pasteur a course on the mechanisms of Hearing from the cochlea to brain circuits and auditory cognition. This two-weeks course, held from June 3 to 14, 2024, includes a broad range of lectures and hands-on training, including on in vivo two-photon imaging with cutting-edge microscopes.  Registration deadline 15/03/2024.

The IdA (Institut de l'Audition) is hiring a new group leader to push the frontiers of fondamental or translational research in hearing science, auditory neuroscience. Check the job offer and forward it.

Brice Bathellier received the 2023 Emergence Prize from the Fondation pour l'Audition.