Ms. A's Bunch of Scholars!


  • I have a Masters degree in Childhood Education with Advanced Certificates in Inclusive Education and Teaching students with significant disabilities from the University of Rochester, NY
  • 3rd year full-time teaching, with additional experience from different classroom settings and schools
  • I believe that "Every child is capable of learning in every aspect of education. Every child can be inspired to exercise strengths and work to develop areas of weakness." -Steven Levy, Starting from Scratch


Student Helpers: Enrique, Jamere Cafeteria Helper: Phoebe

Facilitators: Haley, Luis Tech. Spec: Connor

Pencil Helpers: Brielle, Trey Organizer: Aidan

Meteorologist: Nolan Botanist: Nina

Librarian: Addison


  • School Events in September

5th Meet and Greet, 1:30-2:30 pm

10th Registration for "Color Run" begins

18-21st Book Fair preview only

24-27th Book Fair open for business

27th Open House, 6:30-8:00 pm

  • Homework due:

11th Social Studies: name the continents

Detailed Schedule




Clear expectations for Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, and Success will be used for all classroom routines.

  • Class jobs

Students will apply for class jobs every month as part of developing their persuasive writing skills. Options include Facilitator (for class meetings), Botanist, Meteorologist, Organizer and Student Helper.

  • "Read around the room"

Students will be assigned weekly reading spots with flexible seating in the classroom. Find out who our Beanie Baby, Rug Rats and Wiggly Worms!

  • Positive reinforcement

-Exemplary student work showing great effort will be displayed on our "Super Work" board to acknowledge our scholars.

-Student seating is in clusters forming 5 teams. Teams fill a glass jar with marbles when they demonstrate collaborative traits that highlight our school expectations to Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe. Rewards will be given out when teams reach a half-way mark and a full jar. Whole class rewards will also be given when all teams reach a marker.

-Individual student expectations will be monitored using our "Make Wise Choices"chart together with our school-wide behavior chart. Expectations range from "Make better choices" to "Outstanding". Students who show repeated need for support in making better choices will receive help as needed from a teacher conference, parent/teacher conference, or referral to an intervention team.


  • Healthy snacks/treats are not required but welcome.


  • Celebrants are encouraged to create a 5-10 min poster/kiosk/PowerPoint presentation with their family and share this in a "Spotlight" session. Information can include:

-hobbies, pictures showing significant milestones/vacations, family, favorite food/game, hopes and dreams.

This will be modeled for students during Alana's birthday on the Sept. 11 and Ms. A's on Sept. 22.

  • Celebrant may choose a class rendition of Stevie Wonders' "Happy Birthday to you" song (first verse and chorus) or the classic "Happy Birthday" song.
  • Special parent requests may be accommodated (no celebration, dietary restriction, special song, teacher/peer support with Spotlight presentation). Prior notice (at least 3 days ahead) is encouraged.


  • Monthly celebration of our scholarly writing pieces, split over 2 Fridays. Times and groups will be communicated.
  • Students choose a favorite writing piece to share, and take turns to read it to the whole class. Feedback (2 positive comments and a question) will be provided by peers and the teacher.
  • Light refreshments will be provided (juice and popcorn/crackers). Donations are welcome.