Proper care of your instrument

  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe off rosin/fingerprints after each time the instrument is used
  • Rosin your bow after every 2 hours you play
  • Loosen your bow after you play
  • Keep the instrument away from radiators. It's best to keep it in a humidified environment in the winter, as dryness can cause cracks. As an alternative to expensive room humidifiers, try using a "Dampit." These small accessories are extremely affordable and fit right in your case.
  • NEVER leave the instrument in your car. Summer heat can actually cause varnish to bubble or melt off. Glue also dissolves in heat, leaving the instrument vulnerable to open seams. Also, extreme cold in the winter can cause seams to split.
  • Periodically check your bridge for straightness. A warped bridge will eventually fall over and/or crack.
  • Occasionally, check any fine tuners to make sure they are not wound too tight. If they are, loosen them and retune with the pegs. It is possible for tuners to get stuck; in some cases the tension can cause a string to break.
  • When you need to change an entire set of strings, do not remove all of the old ones at once. You will lose the proper placement of the bridge, and the lack of tension may cause the soundpost to fall down. I can help you to change all of your strings when it is necessary.
  • NEVER do home repairs: one false move can destroy the value of your instrument. We strongly recommend that all repairs be done by a professional.