Mr. Bestine

Grade 8 US History

Current Unit: Foreign Policy

I would like to welcome you to the 8th grade social studies. We will have an interesting and fun year learning about American History. This year we will look at history starting with the Civil War, and ending with the 20th century. This will include my personal favorite unit on World War II. At the end of the year students will be taking a final exam that is in the style of the former 8th Grade Social Studies Assessment exam.

Through out this course we will:

  • reading historical documents
  • building connections between historic events
  • understanding U.S. & World Geography
  • developing student writing

Students will be expected to complete homework assignments and class projects that will relate to what we are learning in class. Lets make this a fun school year!

This year we will be looking at:

- Reconstruction & Civil Rights

- The Economy & The Industrial Revolution

- Foreign Policy & WWI

- The Roaring 20’s & The Great Depression

- World War II & The Cold War

- Modern Society