The "How To" Tech School

For Parents and Students

 in Bass Lake Joint Union Elem. School District

Welcome to the "How To Tech School" for parents and students within Bass Lake Joint Union Elementary School District.  This website contains how to videos and information on the main programs you and your child might  be using while working from home.   I hope that you find it useful.  

   ☝ Please use the page tabs at the top to navigate to the program or app you are interested in learning about.

Mrs. Kris Barnes :  Instructional Technology Coordinator for Bass Lake Joint Union Elem. School District

Home Learning Support for Parents

Here's a tour of your chromebook 

- what it can do and how to do it :)

**Click on the picture to view the slideshow

How to Clear the Cashe 

Clears the browsing data and cookies on your computer   

The 4 step process to reset your chromebook - do these 4 steps if you are having issues with the performance of your chromebook.