Basateen Al Ordon

Our Mission

To plant and produce safe and tasteful strawberries with the highest standards, maintaining our commitment to excellence, while delivering our product to targeted markets with the commitment of our staff and management to continuous improvement through training and diligence. 

Our Vision

We aim to establish and maintain business partnerships with reputable and established customers that purchase our strawberries in the Gulf Region and Europe, while maintaining a safe and exceptional product standard that reinforces our established reputation and image as a leading producer of fresh strawberries.

Our Strategy

We would like to achieve our objectives by expanding our markets and develop our product with new technologies, while expanding our infrastructure to increase our production to fill demand.

Basateen Al Ordon is always ready to form strategical long term partnerships with professional entities carrying out the same philosophy.  

Why Us

Our ability to produce first grade strawberries early in October, November and December gives us an advantage over other producers that have not even started production.

We continue production through June to complete an 8 month cycle of production.

Our strategic location in Jordan gives us the ability to get our product anywhere in the Gulf Region and Europe, within a maximum of 5 hour flight time in any direction.

We have been pesticide and residue free for the past 2 years.


We have been planting soil less strawberries for the past eight years, we posses the GLOBAL GAP certification and been exporting top quality strawberries to the Gulf Region, that includes: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

Our Biggest Customers are Barakat for Fruit and Vegetables (United Arab Emirates), Al Haramleh Fruits (Saudi Arabia), Al Sharbatli (Saudi Arabia), Al Haydari (Qatar), Al Khour (Bahrain) and Star Fruit (Kuwait).

We have been selling our strawberries to Del Monte where we package our product in their boxes that are sold locally and internationally.

We have made some trial shipments to Hollyberry in Amsterdam. 

We are looking forward to expand our European market share.

Our Team

Twenty-Five years of experience in agricultural production of fruit and vegetables with the technical know how of delivering high quality products to the local and international markets.

Our team consists of Mr. Jacob Miguel (Owner/Production and Sites Manager)  with  a very talented team of supervisors, support staff and skilled workers.

Our Community

We are totally committed to educate our younger generation about our environmental commitment to produce a safe and pesticide free product, that enlightens their perception of a responsible institution.