Our mission is to offer opportunities to

work individually and collaboratively,

learn from peers and experts,

discover and explore resources and ideas,

and create and experiment.


  • Ensure equitable services, resources, and spaces for all WES students to succeed on and off campus.
  • Provide uninterrupted access to library services by securing equitable staffing.
  • Connect students with resources and provide instruction to raise academic achievement.
  • integrate information and digital literacy skills into instruction across grade levels.
  • Partner with teachers to develop curriculum, create resources, and deliver instruction.
  • Promote a love of reading and learning through print and digital collection development and programming.
  • Encourage curiosity, exploration, and creation through Makerspaces and other resources.
  • Foster community by providing safe spaces that promote understanding, communication, and collaboration



Policies and Procedures:

Contact us: Tammy Privette (Media Specialist) Dena McElhannon (Media Clerk) Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM