Language Arts

Mrs. Trueb

The SCOPE Language Arts program is aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence curriculum.

Students learn to comprehend more challenging books and articles, basing all of their analyses, inferences, and claims on explicit and relevant evidence from the texts. Students expand on their ability to identify central ideas by identifying how those themes are shaped and conveyed by particular details. Their analysis of basic literary elements extends to identifying connections and complexities within narratives and how individual elements weave together to advance plot and reveal character.

Writing is a major focus in class, and students develop exemplary arguments, write ethically from research, exposit literary texts, write informational essays, and create effective narratives. Systematic studies in grammar, vocabulary, and Greek and Latin word stems further improve students’ skills and prepare them for future studies and college and career readiness.

Expectations for listening, speaking, and viewing behavior is taught and modeled. Opportunities to practice these skills will include whole-class and small-group activities, projects, oral presentations, student-teacher conferences, and round-table discussions. Strategic use of films and videos also enrich cultural and media literacy.