Engineering & Technology

Welcome to Engineering & Technology 2018-2019!

This will be a fun and exciting year, but prepare to work hard and challenge yourself to accomplish great things.


    • The majority of assignments for this class will be completed using Google Classroom
    • This classroom will be as paperless as possible. The majority of your assignments will be completed via Google Classroom. You will be provided the code in class. Click this link to access the Classroom.
    • You will start most days of class by coming to this page to complete your agenda and Warm Up.
    • You will be required to keep an Engineering Journal in class to track your design process as you complete challenges. This will be a portion of your grade.
    • You will maintain a website that will serve as a portfolio of your work in the class. You will upload photos and/or videos of design challenges. This website will be used again in the future if you have this class again while at RMS.

For text updates and reminders, be sure to sign up for our Remind101 text service. Communication is one way from me to you, but will include important reminders and information regarding class. Thanks.

6th Grade:

7th Grade:

FET 8th Grade: