Ms. Merya Jones-Turner

Welcome to another great school year at AHS!

This will be my 14th year as a teacher and I can still say that I cannot imagine doing anything else. I have a BS from Augusta University, M.Ed. from Arizona State and a Ed.S. from the University of West Georgia.

This year I will be co-teaching American Literature and Advanced Composition. I am very fortunate to work beside the most talented and dedicated teachers in the profession. I am honored to be the coordinator for the "YES, I CAN" awards and AHS's High School High Tech Coordinator.

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Class Websites

1st Block: Advanced Composition with Mrs. Bathurst (1219)

2nd Block: American Literature with Mr. Shull (1515)

Advisement: 9th Grade Advisement with Dr. Landry 1520

3rd Block: American Literature with Mr. Stroud (1509)