Mr. Rodas

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and attended Miami Northwestern High School. I moved to Georgia to attend The University of Georgia after completing my Associate's Degree at Miami-Dade Community College. In 2010, I graduated from The University of Georgia with a Bachelor's of Science Education (BSEd) and have published two scientific manuscripts in peer reviewed journals.

Jennison, C. A., L. R. Rodas, and G. W. Barrett. 2006. Botfly (Cuterebra fontinella) parasitism on Peromyscus leucopus and Ochrotomys nuttalli. Southeastern Naturalist 5:157–164

Luis R. Rodas, Chad A. Jennison, Daniel B. Hall, and Gary W. Barrett. (2009) Luring Small Mammals: A Levels-of-Organization Perspective. Southeastern Naturalist 8:3, 387-398.

I have been with Apalachee High School since 2011 and have taught AP Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Honors Biology, Physical Science and Physics.I live in Watkinsville with my wife, who is an emergency department nurse, and we have a three year old daughter, Emma.

My hobbies include woodworking, electronics and technology, reefkeeping, and spending time with my family.

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