Mrs. Holt's Honors 9th Grade Literature and Composition

Course Description: This is an advance level language arts course. The introductory unit will focus on the fundamentals of writing, reading, and basic literary elements; we will set the framework for success in our class by reading shorter literary and informational works and by looking closely at our writing practices. As this is an advanced course, it will be significantly more rigorous than general education literature classes. Please be prepared to work on reading and/or assignments outside of class on a regular basis. You may also need access to technology, whether at home, before or after school at WBHS, the local library, etc. In addition, the intent of this course is to help prepare students for other advanced courses and college and the content and rigor they may see there. For this reason, some materials may contain mature and/or sensitive language, themes, and topics. The focus of the assignments and discussions on these materials will be academic and focus on literary elements and value.

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  • Novels and Longer Works
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