Barrio Planners Incorporated is LA's trusted architectural consulting firm, partnering with clients and the community to solve complex challenges and build legacies for generations to come.

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Barrio Planners Incorporated (BPI) is a multidisciplinary consulting firm engaged in the practice of Architecture, Programming, Planning, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture. BPI’s key members hold licenses in Architecture, Landscape Architect and Engineering. Including our Principal members; the BPI team is comprised of innovative designers and supporting staff whose talents and creativity are equally matched by their experience, and dependability. It is these attributes that have given Barrio Planners Incorporated the capacity to undertake intricate projects of any size and complexity.

BPI originated as one of three non-profit community design centers in Southern California. Since its inception in 1969, it has evolved into one of the most renowned Latino-owned Architectural and Urban Planning firms in Southern California.

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Barrio Planners, Inc. has a history of meeting contract schedules. Our Quality Control & Quality Assurance programs allow for construction management and budget controls during the various design phases and construction.

In many cases, the participation between Architect and client require close coordination in order to resolve issues and concerns related to design and budget. In the case of projects with constrained schedules, the early resolution between the Architect and project manager/client, helps to promote the successful production of a quality product. This scenario is the reason that BPI makes common practice to encourage this close working relationship on all projects.

In order to insure continuity, BPI stresses the recommendation that a principal or senior design engineer from project team member firms be directly and responsibly involved from the inception to completion of any given project. BPI maintains that clean and direct lines of communication and format procedures be established in order to expedite data. This practice reduces the possibility of delays in decision making, which ensures quality control the timely production of a concise set of Contract Documents.

Understanding the needs and budget restrictions of a project while integrating input from the client and community has aided BPI in the successful production of the design and implementation of our design projects.

BPI is proud of the reputation that we have established with our various clients regarding quality control and assurance procedures. The methodology employed by our firm is one of frequent review and coordination. The BPI Project Manager is the sole contact on the technical side of document preparation assuring consistency in obtainment or dissemination of information between all consultants and/or other key project participants. In addition, the Project Manager conducts weekly progress meetings with the assigned Project Coordinator, to determine adherence to the BPI project schedule and to ascertain what information is required at said time.

On a scheduled basis the Project Manager will conduct similar review and coordination meetings with the Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Fire Protection consultants. At these meetings, coordination items are discussed and resolved as well as items of mutual concern. Other required consultants are brought into these meetings as needed.

Periodically throughout the duration of project the contract documents are reviewed and checked to ensure concurrence within each discipline and to facilitate coordination between consultants. Quality control and coordination activities are adapted and structured as required to meet the needs and schedule of each project. The purpose of this practice is to enhance the quality of the documents, ensure conformance to design criteria, promote coordination between disciplines, and produce a set of documents as free of errors and omissions as possible.

With over 42 years of experience in the field of Architecture, Programming, Planning and Landscape Architecture. Some of the in-house services BPI provides include:

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Barrio Planners Inc is a family company and holds its values as the basis of creation and community support.

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Barrio Planners Inc. provides and implements a strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program on all projects with the goal to work proactively to avoid change orders, and litigation. Barrio Planners has not, within the last 5 years, been terminated for default, litigation settled or judgments entered against us, nor have we had any civil judgments or criminal convictions for false claims. BPI employs 21 persons and is legally permitted and licensed to conduct business in the State of California as Architects, Planners and Landscape Architects.

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