• Montgomery Lock and Dam (OR31)- Auxiliary chamber is down effective on 12/31/20 for mechanical concerns with the gate operating machinery. Opening TBA.
  • Cumberland River: Navigation through Cheatham Lock is now underway, however, tow sizes are restricted
  • Tennessee River: NO navigation from Guntersville (TR357) to Knoxville (TR652) due to flooding

Chicago/Illinois/Upper Miss

  • Lock 25 Emergency Repairs needed - Meeting 1/23/20 the Corps told us the repairs at Lock 25 will not be extended and we can plan on Lock 25 opening on the regular schedule of March 31st. The repairs that remain to be completed on Lock 25 will be accomplished during the 2020-2021 winter closures, in coordination with the planned winter closures of Locks 20 & 21. This will be a 90 day closure starting December 15, 2020.

Lower Miss/Gulf/Canals

  • Arkansas River Flooding and Recovery - Due to high flows on the Arkansas, tows sizes remain reduced to 6 loads full river. Industry is anticipating some level of operating restrictions in place through March 2020.
  • Lower Miss Flood Conditions - River Levels are in flood stage from Cairo to the Gulf, driving a 5-10 barge Tow Size reduction, or a 14-24% reduction in productivity. Furthermore, daylight restrictions in Memphis, Vicksburg, and Baton Rouge are increasing transits by as much as 2 days or 40%. These flood conditions are expected to remain until late March basis the river stage at Baton Rouge, currently at 40.5 ft. NOAA forecasts Baton Rouge to crest approx. March 2nd at 41 ft and to remain above the 35 ft Flood Stage for at least the next 20 days. If additional rain continues during March, we could be headed for an extended flood situation similar to 2019.
  • Gulf Flood Conditions - Tow Size restrictions have decreased productivity by 43% for 4200HP boats redelivering loads and empties. To maintain commitments to service in the Gulf, ACBL has increased their shuttle boats from four boats to seven at significant expense.
  • Gulf Weekly Weather Update - Cold-front continues moving through today, 2/24, driving delays due to high winds, particularly on the Canals. After this system passes, good operating conditions will be short lived as another system will move through Tuesday 2/25 - Thursday 2/27 bringing potential for wind delays.
  • NOLA High Water Restrictions for Larger Vessels - Max draft at the Southwest Pass has been reduced to 42', as of 2/1. Additionally, vessels will only berth during daylight hours due to the High Water. These factors are driving delays to vessels moving in and out of NOLA.
  • Flooding Impacting the Warrior Tom and Tenn Tom - Flood levels and continued rain are impacting operations on the Warrior-Tom and Tenn-Tom rivers. Reported stoppages to transit for a majority of tows due to high flows and air draft concerns at bridges. Forecast would show conditions remain impactful into March. There is a potential this extended flood event may result in shoaling at some places on the river after the levels fall back out. See pictures of these conditions here - Flood Condition Pictures
  • Warrior Tom and Tenn Tom Lock Restrictions - Coffeeville Lock (WT 116) and Demopolis Lock (WT 213) are closed to traffic due to flooding conditions. The duration of this closure is dependent on developing conditions, but based on forecasts we may regain daylight operation at Demopolis tomorrow, 2/25, and at Coffeeville over the weekend, 2/29.
  • Industrial (LM 93) and Algiers Lock Delay in NOLA (LM 90) Delays due to Traffic - Delays are 24-48 hrs at Industrial and Algiers due to traffic.
  • Potential Significant Delay for Repair Work at Calcasieu Lock (WC 238) - New wall construction and armoring work will drive weekday daytime closures 0630 - 1800 daily from Jan 28th through approx. March 31st. Delay as of Monday, 2/24, was averaging 12 hrs of delay, "normal" lock delays are typically 2hrs.
  • Potential Significant Delay for Repair Work at Bayou Sorrel Lock (PA 38) - Scheduled repair work will drive weekday daytime closures 0630 - 1800 daily from Feb 13th through approx. April 13th. Delay as of Friday, 2/21, was averaging 4 hrs of delay, "normal" lock delays are typically 2hrs for Bayou Sorrel.