• Olmsted Locks and Dam (OR 965) - wickets are lowered...... traffic has been transitioned to the navigation pass.

  • Greenup Locks and Dam (OR 341) - Main Chamber closed February 19th through March 11th. In the last 24 hours there were 15 tows that arrived and we passed 10 tows that averaged 2.78 hours of delay. There are currently 5 tows waiting that have averaged 1.13 hours of delay. Since repairs began, February 19th, we have passed 47 tows that have averaged 4.10 hours of delay.

Chicago/Illinois/Upper Miss

  • UPDATE - Illinois River Movement - Conditions have improved on the Illinois River so ACBL as of 2/25/21 has started sending boats back into the Illinois river. With operations getting back underway, please expect some delays as there has been little movement the past couple of weeks.

  • St Louis Restrictions- Recent Ice on the River has caused the for navigation buoys to be moved, making it difficult for the boats to navigate between St Louis and Cairo. For safety of the boats the following restrictions have been put into place.

          • Mainline boats are restricted North bound from 15 loads & 9 empties to 15 Loads & 3 empties and 30 empties to 24 empties.

          • Mainline boats are restricted South bound from 25 loads to 20 loads.

  • 1ST Lake Pepin Ice Measurement- (WEBSITE) Lake Pepin ice thickness measurements typically start in mid-February and are conducted on a weekly basis. Measurements are reported from each mile on the Upper Mississippi River between mile 765 and 786. These measurements are taken at the points indicated on the map and the ice thickness is valid for that location only.

  • Lockport Lock Temporary Closure- temporary closure of the Lockport Lock and Dam on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021 from 0600 to 1800 CST for divers to retrieve rollers from the forebay and reinstall them on the Emergency Lift Gate.

  • LaGrange Lock Update- The Wickets at Lagrange are down and traffic is running over the pass.

  • IR230 Utica Bridge Demo- Demo has been postponed again. The forecasted temperatures for next week are too cold to safely perform the work required. A new date has not been established yet.

  • River Closed Below Greys Point- River is back open

Lower Miss/Gulf/Canals/Tenn Tom

  • Gulf and Canals Weather Update - The possibility of fog does exist for late night and early morning hours over the next few days. Other than the fog, expect good operating conditions for the next few days.

  • Arkansas River Weather Update - Transit and barging activities continue to be impacted by the abnormal winter conditions over the past week. Expect delays to endure into next week through 2/24. In particular, Catoosa harbor will be running daylight-only operations through at least Monday, 2/22.

  • Rigolets Bridge Closure - The Rigolets bridge on the East Canal will see intermittent openings for marine traffic through March 12th due to repairs. Expect 3 openings daily @ 0530, 1330, and 2130 to allow traffic to pass. This will drive delays to transit in and off the Pearl River.

  • Algiers Lock Restrictions - Until further notice, tows over 60' wide restricted to 600' total length, and tows less than 60' wide restricted to 700' total length. Two 30K barges or Four regulation barges are able to lock through in one go, but greater configurations will require trip boat assistance.

  • Colorado River Locks Closure - Full closure daily from 07:30-16:30 beginning on 2/25 and ending on 3/5. The closure will continue through the weekend.

  • Lower Miss Closure Planned - USACE planning dike work at MM 770 south of Osceola. Expect daily closures 0700 - 1800 for southbound traffic for approx. 1 month. The start for this work has been delayed due to weather conditions, expected to begin late Feb. Closures could be intermittent due to material availability; traffic will pass when work is halted.

  • Lower Miss Potential Closures For Revetment Operations - USACE working the Mat Sinking Unit at Morville (LM 356). This work will last for a few weeks and could potentially drive closures to SBD traffic during working hours 0600 - 1800.

  • Port Allen Lock Restrictions - Due to a barge allision and damage to the guidewall, the following restrictions will be in place: Westbound tows with more than 1 barge will be permitted to lock with an assist vessel, while only single-barge tows will lock without assist. Eastbound tows greater than 650' long will require an assist vessel. Due to these restrictions, expect a potential for delays to lockages.