Class Options

Private Pole Lessons

If you are looking to build strength while still maintaining a beautiful flow to your pole performance, this is the class for you. Miss Olivia Black has been a dancer for 15 years. She chooses songs depending on how she feels and allows the music move her. That doesn't mean she forgets about the lines your body creates or the strength required to get into that invert with the perfect straight legs and pointed toes.....just to hold it as long as she can!

If you want to see how far your body can go while maintaining the fluidity seen in the video, you will be climbing that pole in no time with these private lessons.

Flexy Floor Work

Miss Olivia Black has been perfecting her floor work for 15 years. Every person has their own version of what makes them feel sexy, powerful, or unstoppable....but she has a way of bringing that out of everyone, in now time! This class is based on all of the sexy and flexible moves you expect to see on the floor. A few level 1 pole moves are mixed in for fun transitions, but this is a class for all levels. No matter your size or ability, anyone can take this class. If you are in it for the booty shaking and've come to the right place! No matter what you have in the will learn to shake in in seconds! Are you ready for all the attention?

You have two choices when booking a private class.

  • Full Private - is just your and your imagination. The class is fully tailored to your skill set, goals, and available time to train.

  • Semi-Private - Nervous about trying out pole fitness or just trying to save a little, a semi-private is you and a friend for 50 mins. You get to have more of a support team and have a little fun together. We will still go over things best for each person, but focus will be split between the two of you. It is recommended you bring a friend with a similar skill set and goals.