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What does every Florida business owner need to know?

At Business Bare Minimums, we tell you the Bare Minimums that allow you to take the steps to comply with government requirements. We teach basic business practices you can put in place to free up your time so you can focus on doing what you do best.

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Why We Support Local Businesses (and Why Local Businesses Should Target the Needs of Their Community):

1. Service providers and merchants are more accountable when they know you personally or when they see you in the community.

2. Unlike national or regional vendors, local or mom-and-pop shops can customize their inventory or service for the needs of your local area. One good example is the merchandise available at your national retailer. Even though the selection of winter coats available in the Florida locations of national retailers is less than in New England, national business models do not sufficiently take into account the fact that Floridians are not buying winter coats in September. Some of these retailers can’t be bothered to modify their advertising campaigns, either. Local retailers advertise based on their own market, not a national average.

3. It is a way of giving back to your community. I’m all about charity, but this kind of giving back is not charitable. If my community grows, it benefits me personally. Better roads, exciting new restaurants, more clients or customers for my businesses.

What Local Businesses Should Not Do:

1. Assume all of the customers/clients have the same beliefs/values. Instead, focus on running your business like a business.

2. Make it more difficult to shop at your location than at a national vendor.

a. Up-to-date methods of payment.

b. Online access to information.

c. Ability to pay online.

3. Neglect the brick-and-mortar. Your physical location is one of the advantages you have over national and online providers. Make sure your location is clean, neat and welcoming to visitors. The more time people spend in your location, the more money they spend.