In 2017-2018, all Recruits, Agents and Special Agents will use the award-winning Eureka Math curriculum. Eureka Math is the most widely used mathematics curriculum in the country and is the most closely aligned to the Kentucky Core Academic Standards.

What does that mean for you as a student? You will be given access to the skills and topics that will most likely appear on MAP and K-PREP testing for 6th, 7th and 8th grade math, giving you the best chance for success for this year.

My classroom will be primarily student-driven, meaning that the responsibility of learning will be carried by you. You will be asked to expand your mind, rise to complete new challenges, and have more fun than you thought possible in a math class.

We work every day, all day, from bell to bell. We have fun, we will celebrate our wins, and we will move past our failures. We are a team and we will do things you didn't believe possible as we lock arms and fight the forces of evil together.

I've received a Bachelor of Science degree in Middle Grades Mathematics from Western Kentucky University and a Master of Arts in Middle Grades Teacher Leadership.