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The elementary years are a time when kids begin to develop their academic goals, decision-making, communication and life skills as well as their character values. It is a time when kids begin to form attitudes towards school, peers, self, social groups and family.

So, why do schools need elementary school counselors and what do they do?

Elementary School Counselors are educators who are trained in child development, social/emotional development and academic development. Through school-based interventions, academic counseling, and consultation with parents, administrators, teachers and other school staff we are able to help students of all academic abilities become successful learners. We also believe that being available and willing to help children with their social and emotional development is just as important as helping with their academic development. Many times, the social and personal aspect of being in school are harder for children than the learning aspect. We recognize that successful development of each impacts the other. To learn more about why elementary school counselors are needed in our district, click here.

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Mr. John Davies, East Elementary

Mrs. Rylee McCarthy, Gordon L. Willson Elementary & North Freedom Elementary

Mrs. Ryan McGinnis, Al Behrman Elementary & West Kindergarten Center