2019-2022 TIP Amendments

BRTB to vote on funding updates for two major I-95 corridor projects

BRTB to update Maximize2040 and the 2019-2022 Transportation Improvement Program

The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB) welcomed comments from Tuesday, July 31, through Friday, August 31, 2018 on funding updates to Maximize2040: A Performance-Based Transportation Plan and the 2019-2022 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for two Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) projects.

The BRTB is scheduled to vote on the amendments on Tuesday, September 25 at 9 a.m. Details of the amendments and comment period are below.

      • I-95: Express Toll Lane Northern Transition
      • I-95: Port Covington Access Improvements
      • Air Quality Report
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Maximize2040 is this region’s $12.5 billion long-range transportation plan developed by the BRTB. Maximize2040 serves as the blueprint for fiscally constrained transportation planning in the Baltimore region from the year 2020 to 2040. The plan also establishes the region’s broad transportation goals and performance measures, which now serve as guiding principles as the region plans and carries out projects.

The 2019-2022 TIP is the list of regional transportation projects requesting federal funding in the near term. It includes more than $3.2 billion in proposed federal, state and local money for highway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects during the next four years. The funding goes towards maintaining, operating and expanding the transportation system. The TIP is fiscally constrained.

Amendments occur to Maximize2040 and the 2019-2022 TIP because of changes to project scope and funding or changes to federal documentation policies. Public comment periods and meetings aim to keep communication open regarding these changes.

Read About the Amendments and Air Quality Assessment


The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) requests of the BRTB to update Maximize2040 and the 2019-2022 TIP to include funding updates for the I-95 Express Toll Lanes Northbound Extension project (TIP ID # 25-1801-41).

Traffic operations along northbound I-95 continue to have congestion, safety and operational concerns, which the project will address. The project includes the addition of two Express Toll Lanes (ETLs) that will stretch 10 miles, from north of MD 43 in Baltimore County, to north of MD 24 in Harford County. The project also includes reconstruction of the I-95 interchanges at MD 152 and MD 24 to provide access from the northbound ETL.

Reconstruction of the MD 152 interchange includes the associated Park-and-Ride lot. Reconstruction of the MD 24 interchange includes a two-lane flyover ramp toward Bel Air, intended to alleviate congestion for motorists exiting I-95 to MD 24 and MD 924.

The project also involves significant bridge improvements, including reconstruction of the overpasses at Raphel, Bradshaw, Old Joppa, and Clayton roads to accommodate the larger area needed for the ETLs. Additionally, the I-95 northbound bridges over the Big Gunpowder Falls, Little Gunpowder Falls, and Winters Run will be widened and improved. Another element is the installation of five new noise walls along the corridor on both sides of I-95.

This amendment would update funding for the project in the 2019-2022 TIP from $167.5 million to $789.5 million using MDTA toll revenue. MDTA will use these funds to implement the first phase of I-95 Section 200, which Gov. Larry Hogan announced on June 15, 2018. The total cost of the project increases from $210 million to $1.1 billion, with a completion year of 2026.


The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) requests of the BRTB to update Maximize2040 and the 2019-2022 TIP to include a new project, I-95 Port Covington Access Improvements (TIP ID # 22-1901-45).

This project will support economic development in Baltimore and the region by improving connectivity to existing land uses along seven miles of the I-95 corridor and major local roads. Improvements will include sections of Hanover and McComas streets and Key Highway.

This amendment would add the new project to the 2019-2022 TIP to support redevelopment of the Port Covington peninsula. The total cost of the project is $495 million, with $27.75 million in funding added to the 2019-2022 TIP, and a completion year of 2029.


Under the Clean Air Act Amendments, areas designated as being in nonattainment or maintenance of air quality standards are required to review their current transportation plans and programs to ensure they are in conformity with the applicable State Air Quality Implementation Plan (SIP).

The Baltimore region has recently been designated as “marginal” nonattainment for the 2015 8-hour ozone standard. The standard is 0.070 parts per million (ppm). The region has one year to perform a conformity determination for this NAAQS. The BRTB is using this amendment as an opportunity to address this new ozone standard for the first time. The region is a “moderate” nonattainment area for the 2008 8-hour ozone NAAQS and a “serious” nonattainment area for the 1997 ozone NAAQS.

Federal law requires the MPO to analyze projects proposed for amendment to ensure they do not jeopardize the conformity of the plan under federal rules and guidelines. A technical process estimates the mobile source emissions associated with projected travel demand considering the latest planning assumptions and the transportation network supply. The estimated mobile emissions are compared to the mobile source emission budgets contained in the State Implementation Plan (SIP) for the Baltimore region.


The public review period ran from Tuesday, July 31, through Friday, August 31, 2018 with a public meeting on Wednesday, August 1, 5:30 p.m., at the Public Advisory Committee (PAC) Policy Subcommittee at the Baltimore Metropolitan Council. Comments were also welcome during the Public Comment Opportunities at the MDTA's ETL Project office on August 14, 2018, and the Cherry Hill branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library on Tuesday, August 14, 2018.

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Comments are welcome during the Public Comment Opportunity at the BRTB meeting on Tuesday, September 25 (scheduled vote), at 9 a.m.

To share your thoughts and ideas, send all comments in writing to:

      • The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board
      • Attn: Public Involvement Coordinator
      • 1500 Whetstone Way, Suite 300
      • Baltimore, MD 21230

For more information: For more information about the amendments to the 2019-2022 TIP, please contact Zach Kaufman, zkaufman@baltometro.org, 410-732-0500 x 1048

Notice: The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, or national origin in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and other applicable laws. Appropriate services can be provided to qualified individuals with disabilities or those in need of language assistance who submit a request at least seven days prior to a meeting. Call 410-732-0500.