Parent & Student Tech Tutorials

We know that Online Learning uses a lot of programs. Students will use Canvas to access their online curriculum for learning, and Microsoft Teams for live video time with teachers. We hope that the tutorials below on our online learning programs will help you as you support your child's learning.

For further technical support, click here for all Technology Support phone numbers. For the main line, call 602-629-6422. You may also email: In the subject line, write Student Name/ID# and School. In the email give a brief description of the problem and a phone number to reach you.


This is where all of your child's assignments will be organized, and should be accessed daily by each student.


This is how your child will receive live instruction from the teachers. Each child will have a daily schedule on when to log onto Teams.

Student Email (Webmail)

Your child has a Balsz email account, and will receive email communications from teachers and reminders from Google Classroom. Use the links to the right for help on how to access Student Email, and how to reset a password.

Language & Translation

If you are trying to assist your child and need a website translated, you will have the Google Translate extension if logged into your child's Balsz account on Chrome.

See the links to the left on how to use the Google Translate extension, and how to install it for yourself on personal devices.