Balodyan’s Payment Policy for Private Lessons (adults or children, in person or online)

1) Balodyan fees are $85 per one hour of private lesson, $65 per 45 minute private lesson, or $45 per 30 minute private lesson on pay as you go basis.

2) A package of 5 prepaid private hourly lessons is offered at $400, or 10 prepaid private hourly lessons at $750.

3) A package of 5 prepaid private 45 minute lessons is offered at $300, or 10 prepaid private 45 minute lessons at $550.

3) A package of 5 prepaid private half hourly lessons is offered at $200, or 10 prepaid private half hourly lessons at $350.

3) All the fees are due at the beginning of first lesson.

4) Payment will be accepted only by Zelle to or by Venmo to @Vidya-Nahar (scan the QR code on the left).

5) Prepaid private lesson packages must be utilized within a period of three calendar months of the purchase date of the package at mutually agreed upon times between Balodyan and Balodyan’s client/s.

6) New learners of Hindi will be required to purchase four books - A to Z in Hindi Volume 1 ($12) and Volume 2 ($12) , A to Z in Hindi picture dictionary ($25), and Hindi Learner -1 ($25). The set of four books is available for purchase from Balodyan for $70 + $10 for shipping and handling (if needed) for the entire set. The set needs to be purchased only once, and may be used over the following years. If a book is lost, the student may be required to buy another book at the individual price of the book.

7) NO Refunds will be issued for the unused classes after three months of purchasing the private lesson package.

8) If you request a refund within first three calendar months after buying a multi-class package, fees will be retained at $90 per lesson multiplied by the lessons attended and the rest will be refunded.

9) Private lessons can be shared by a maximum of four people. For each additional person, please add $15 per lesson per person.

10) All fees quoted for private lessons are valid at Balodyan’s Buffalo Grove location or online classes only.

11) Fees cannot be adjusted / refunded for prepaid private lessons that are missed due to any reason other than a documented medical emergency.

12) Balodyan reserves the right to change any and/or all fees at any time.

13) Please provide at least 24 hours' notice, if you wish to cancel a scheduled class. Any class canceled within 24 hours prior to class will be considered as redeemed.