Balodyan’s Payment Policy for Group Lessons for Children for the Entire Academic Year

1) Balodyan fees are $630 per year per person participating in group Hindi / Marathi learning program for once a week class, four classes per month.

2) If you want to enroll only for the first semester (mid September to January) or only for the second semester (February to first week of June), the fees are $330 per person per semester.

3) Academic year of Balodyan runs from September second week to June first week of the following year. Most learning materials are included in the fees.

4) Students of Hindi will be required to purchase four books - A to Z in Hindi Volume 1 ($12) and Volume 2 ($12) , A to Z in Hindi picture dictionary ($25), and Hindi Learner -1 ($25). The set of four books is available for purchase from Balodyan for $70+ $10 shipping and handling for the entire set. The set needs to be purchased only once, and may be used over the following years. If a book is lost, the student may be required to buy another book at the individual price of the book.

5) Entire fees are due first class in September. If you want to pay the annual fees in installments, $215 are due in the first week of September, October and November each.

6) Please make your payment by Zelle / Chase Quick Pay / Venmo to .

7) Fees cannot be adjusted / refunded or carried forward to next year for missed classes.

8) If your child / you don't want to continue with the program and if you let us know in September, your payment will be refunded after retaining $80. If you cancel after that, your payment will be refunded to you after retaining $80 for each month or any part thereof that your child was enrolled in BHASHIC.

9) Balodyan reserves the right to change any and/or all fees at any time.

10) If a class is canceled by Balodyan due to lack of minimum enrollment, the fees will be refunded in full.

11) There will be no classes during the Thanksgiving week, two weeks of winter break, and one week of spring break.