Balodyan’s Payment Policy for Group Lessons (online / in person) for Adults

1) Balodyan fees are $180 per 8-week session per person participating in adult group Hindi / Marathi learning program for once a week class.

2) Entire fees are due first class of each 8-week session.

3) Payment will be accepted only by Zelle to or by Venmo to @Vidya-Nahar (scan the QR code on the left).

4) New learners of Hindi will be required to purchase four books - A to Z in Hindi Volume 1 ($12) and Volume 2 ($12) , A to Z in Hindi picture dictionary ($25), and Hindi Learner -1 ($25). The set of four books is available for purchase from Balodyan for $70 + $10 for shipping and handling (if needed) for the entire set. The set needs to be purchased only once, and may be used over the following years. If a book is lost, the student may be required to buy another book at the individual price of the book.

5) Fees cannot be adjusted / refunded or carried forward to next session for missed classes.

6) If you don't want to continue with the program, your payment will be refunded after retaining $45 (cancellation fees) + $30 per week / class since the start of the session, until the week of cancellation (whether you attended classes or not in the weeks before cancellation). No refunds will be issued after week / class 5 of each session.

7) Balodyan reserves the right to change any and/or all fees at any time.

8) If a class is canceled by Balodyan due to lack of minimum enrollment, the fees will be refunded in full.