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31) I have learned steadily with Vidya teachings. I am getting better at Hindi and closer to my objective to become conversational by end of 2021. thank you Vidya, for a job well done. - (On Google) Steven Miro, Arlington Heights, 04/08/2021.

30) Vidya is an awesome teacher!! I know her for nearly 25 years and she is a multi talented and multi faceted person! I wanted to learn, read and write Hindi for a long time and had mentioned it to Vidya and she emailed me about her starting a new group from February and I can join if interested. I readily accepted and that was the best decision I have made😊 Her classes are very interactive and engaging that I hardly realize a 1-hour passes so quickly. At the beginning of 8 week session I knew only few words and greetings in Hindi but now I can recognize the Hindi letters and read sentences which gives me great sense of accomplishment! She diligently updates homework at the end of the day and also uses tools like voice thread and Ed puzzle. The regular recording of our answers and questions in Hindi helps beginners like me to progress at a faster pace👍🏼I feel very fortunate and thankful to have Vidya as my गुरु 🙏🏼 - (On Google) Vas Rang, Vernon Hills, 04/06/2021.

29) Vidya is an excellent teacher who takes personal interest and pride in passing on the language and culture to the next generation in the US. She has 20+ years of teaching experience along with being the master mind of Hindi summer camp. These experiences have given her the ability to customize Hindi language into a fun and interactive experience where the environment is conducive for natural learning. I personally feel the level of commitment she gives each student, is like undertaking a pro bono project. Thank you Vidhya for passing this Indian culture and heritage to our community through Hindi. - (On Google) Jigna Prabhu, Wilmette, 02/20/2021.

28) Vidya is an amazing Hindi teacher and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn Hindi ( read/write/speak). Both of my kids had no idea of Hindi except 1 or 2 words. We started with Vidya and in 3 months I could see my kids both learning to even read words comfortably without much help. I am very impressed with her professionalism and care for her students. She doesn't mind explaining again & again with loads of patience. Highly recommend her. - (On Google) Kids Activity, Barrington, 02/17/2021.

27) Dear friends! I have gone through the mission and activities of this institution. I found that it is doing a great job in the service of Indians, Indian culture and Indian languages, particularly Hindi and Marathi. I appreciate its initiatives from the core of my heart and appeal to join and support it. Such institutions can help people from Indian origin to stick to their great civilization and let their children understand their roots and values. Learn any language you like but please don't forget your national language and mother tongue because that is the only window to know your ancestral values. I wish them all success. - Prabhakar Mishra, India, 04/17/2016.

26) I like the creativity of the lessons like daily hindi practice, use of voice thread, posters and most of all the semi annual programs like dances and skits. Vidya is a very creative and patient teacher. - Heena Agrwal, Lincolnshire, 05/31/2015.

25) Great and very patient teacher! - very well organized approach to learning Hindi for beginners. - V C, Lake Zurich, 02/28/2015.

24) Children's experience has been exciting, interactive, fun and engaging. They love to sing their songs, do their assignment, look forward to their class. Overall they really enjoy this learning experience. My personal issue at times is with amount of home work. Children nowadays are in many different activities and all the teachers ask for dedication and more time for their activity so it does get overwhelming at times. - Hetal Shah, Arlington Heights, 02/04/2015.

23) We had a great experience for our kids at the Hindi class. The teacher did an excellent job keeping the kids engaged in class and the voicethread was a great way of practicing at home. We appreciate the passion with which Mrs. Vidya Nahar teaches. - Lava Pokala, Vernon Hills, 11/18/2014.

22) Very interactive, engaging, fun learning experience. - H S, Arlington Heights, 11/13/2014.

21) Within 3 months, my 9 yr old has made good progress in reading and understanding Hindi and 5-year old has started to recognize and write most of the letters in the alphabet. They both are always excited to go to Hindi class, as Vidya makes the class very interactive and a lot of fun. Also I like the fact that Vidya converses with the girls in Hindi which makes a huge difference in understanding the language. - M T, Mount Prospect, 03/06/2014.

20) 1. Teaching Method, 2. Study Material and use of technology for speaking, 3. Extra Curricular Programs in Hindi - V K, Buffalo Grove, 02/16/2014.

19) The shows that are held twice annually at the library and the voice threads that kids record every week helps improve their pronunciation. - R K, Buffalo Grove, 02/14/14.

18) Variety of items. Interactive for kids. Reinforcement with HW and using tools such as voice thread. Cultural exposure. - A G, Buffalo Grove, 02/11/2014.

17) Balodyan is a wonderful place and we love the way the classes are handled. My daughter likes going to class every week and has a lot of fun while learning. Follow up by the teacher after every class is very helpful and it makes sure kids finish all the assignments / prepare before every class. My daughter has learnt quite a bit in the past few months and I am sure she will learn a lot more in the days to come. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the teacher, Vidya. Appreciate all your efforts. - K S, Buffalo Grove, 02/07/2014.

16) Well defined syllabus. Home work through voice thread is impressive. It involves parents which in a way is good, as it gives them the opportunity to be involved in the teaching process. My daughter likes going to this program without any complaints. She has learnt a lot in a very short time. - Bushra Singh, Vernon Hills, 02/05/2014.

15) I have been going to Hindi classes since 2012. I learned a lot since then, including writing independent speeches, changing singular to plural, songs like Minaa ki Bakarii, anthems like Vande Mataram and Jana Gana Mana, and many prayers like Dayaa akar a Daan. Balodyan Hindi classes mix fun with learning in a lot of ways, like in plays. Namaste! - V R, Wheeling, 02/03/2014.

14) Balodyan Hindi learning program has been a very enriching experience for my 11 year old Sauruv. Just now, when I heard him read a Hindi article, it was hard for me to believe that Sauruv just enrolled in Vidya ji's hindi lessons little over a year ago! Vidya ji puts in tremendous work to create lesson plans and applies unique ways of making Hindi learning an enjoyable experience. We are very proud of the progress Sauruv has made aptly, under Vidya ji's guidance. Balodyan program is a must for all families who aspire to teach their kids our culture and Hindi language. It is very hard for us to suggest any improvements really. Often times, kids and parents might say that amount of homework is a little more than they would like to see. But reality also is that due to the quality and quantity of homework, they are able to learn Hindi much better and quickly. I highly recommend this program and would like to see it grow more in dimensions (more classes perhaps introduced for different age groups, even adults). - Sneh Garg, Itasca, 02/02/2014.

13) I have been going to Hindi class for about 4 years now. Those have been amazing four years. I like that we do programs every January and August . It feels good to show to people that we know Hindi and we can speak it. We learn many songs about India. We also learn the meaning of those songs. Vidya auntie is an outstanding Hindi teacher! Every Friday I can't wait to get to Hindi class! Vidya auntie is the BEST!! मुझे हिंदी बहुत पसंद है । - Aahana Shedge, Schaumburg, 01/31/2014.

12) Vidya ji is a notable teacher, and our younger son Sauruv is currently enrolled in second year of Hindi language classes with her and enjoying it a lot! We absolutely love her unique method of combining cultural aspect in language lessons, also the tools she uses that appeal greatly to children and parents. - Sneh Garg, Itasca, 10/21/2013.

11) This is a long pending 'THANK YOU' note from me. My daughter enjoyed the summer camp and wants to return next year. She enjoyed the two years of Hindi classes. You have an unique knack and skill to work with children and keep them engaged and interested. Thank you for 2 amazing years. We would like to keep attending as many functions as possible that Balodyan will host and arrange. She can participate or volunteer when there is need. - Anonymous, Long Grove, 08/28/2013.

10) Vidya's way of teaching hindi on a new topic each week is amazing.Kids will also get the opportunity to learn about India's traditional festivals and our culture.They get a chance to sing, group talking and play games while learning Hindi. Vidya's enthusiasm in teaching makes everybody learn and participate actively. Thanks for all your efforts Vidya. - Chaitanya Earanti, Buffalo Grove, 3/2/2013.

9) My 8 yr old daughter Ria has learned to speak, read and write Hindi in Balodyan. We are really very happy with her progress in Hindi. Additionally, i am also noticing that through the classes she is also learning about Indian culture. We as parents couldn't have asked for more! Needless to say we are very grateful and feel lucky that you have been such an inspiration for our daughter. Thank you so much Vidya, Balodyan has been a great experience both for us and her and we are very happy and look forward to many more classes. Thanks so much for all you do! Jai Hind. - Pallavi Sharma & Bhavesh Sharma, Buffalo Grove, 02/15/2013.

8) What I like about this program?......EVERYTHING....:-) My kids are enjoying Balodyan activities from last 4 years and they does not like to miss a single class, that says all. Balodyan isn't about only learnign Hindi but getting connected to your culture in all ways like participating in drama, dance and one of a kind activities. Our parents feel very happy and proud when kids interview them as a homework, write them letters in Hindi. Balodyan provides environment which reminds you of your 'BACHPAN'... :-) - Usha Shedge, Schaumburg, 02/11/2013.

7) Vidya’s Balodyan Hindi school provides children who are born here in America a great versatile experience of Hindi language and Indian culture. Not only does Vidya teach them basics of Hindi language, but also gives them exposure to Indian culture through Indian dances, songs and skits. She is a dedicated teacher and provides children true and compassionate learning experience that no other teacher can offer. My daughter can read and write Hindi effectively after attending school during her elementary and middle school years. I highly recommend Vidya as a Hindi teacher and Balodyan as a Hindi school. - Bushra Singh, Vernon Hills, 12/26/2012.

6) Vidya is a great teacher, dedicated to creating a fun filled environment for the kids, where they learn and can be themselves. My daughter went to Vidya for learning Hindi and had a great time. Vidya introduced kids not only to the Hindi language but also the Indian culture complete with Indian games, dances and festivals. - Swadha Goenka, Buffalo Grove, 11/12/2012.

5) Vidya has been active in Hindi and Marathi language teaching as well as organizing Indian cultural activities for more than a decade. My both daughters enjoyed learning Hindi as language as well as loved participating in several cultural performances about Indian culture. I would highly recommend joining Balodyan. - Umesh Lad, Lake Zurich, 11/12/2012.

4) Excellent teacher. Very patient with kids and includes cultural activities as part of teaching. - Prajwal Deshpande, Vernon Hills, 11/05/2012.

3) Languages can be taught in various ways, traditional to Rosetta Stone. Vidya's is unique way of teaching, thru conversation, singing, acting, tradition, gaining confidence and learning word at a time, sentence at a time. For example, couple of years back my son insisted on having sub titile when watching Hindi movies, now same subtitles are annoying to him. -Bhaskar Shedge, Schaumburg, 02/09/2011.

2) My daughter has wanted to learn Hindi for 2 years now, but I could not find the right class for her! I am glad I found Balodyan! Great class, awesome teacher, sometimes homework can be overwhelming, but as everyone knows ' No pain, no gain ' My daughter has learned so much in just a few months, I am hoping my son will start next year! Thanks Vidya! - SL, Lincolnshire, 01/31/2011.

1) Vidya has fun with the kids, and is very patient with them. She is able to get them to learn language, but does that with a lot of cultural influences and references woven in, which makes it interesting and exciting for the kids. She is a professional, follows up on homework and assignments. Twice a year she organizes a cultural performance where each child does a solo, and several group items - I think those are an awesome way of incorporating confidence into kids to get up on stage, work on dialogue delivery, stage presence etc. at an early age, but through the lens of learning about cultures and languages. - Anupama Joshi, Buffalo Grove, 06/09/2009.