3rd/4th Class

Our Class News.

Hello everyone,

Well we've been so busy that we haven't been keeping in touch. All of third and half of fourth are together this year. It's going well. We learned all about the Titanic who set out on its Maiden voyage to New York and hit an iceberg. It was a huge tragedy in 1912. We learned all about Tom Crean from Annascaul Co Kerry who joined The Royal Navy and went to Antarctica with Captain Scott. He was a brave man who received a medal for his bravery.

We did lots of great art from monochrome names to Crazy Pirates to Icy Polar scenes to Cool Snowmen . We did many experiments which involved cracking matches carefully, blowing into different size bottles to make higher and lower sounds and using utensils . We record our work in our S,E,SE copies.

Jackie comes every Wednesday and we're learning many new tunes. We got to play for the Christmas Concert "It's a Cracker!!" It was really good, there was a huge crowd .

We did Station Teaching in English with Mrs Quinn , Mrs Twomey, and Ursula . We loved working in small groups and Mrs Twomey was delighted we worked so hard. We also did Station Teaching in Maths where Fourth class went out to Mrs O Sullivan , as Mrs Quinn took fifth class. Mrs Twomey then had third on their own . We will be doing it again in Spring.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and we'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2020!!!