Komodo Wonder Tours

Our tours to Komodo, Flores and the other Lesser Sunda islands offer all guests a feast of ancient cultures and natural diversity.

Indonesia’s Komodo islands are ideal for intrepid families who want an direct experience of wonderful nature.

Visitors get up close to mighty Komodo dragons, hike volcanoes, enjoy swimming, diving, snorkeling lessons in coral atolls, swim with sting rays, visit villages to witness traditional music dance and weaving, and, of course, unwind and master the art of chilling

While on tour you’ll encounter the extraordinary landscapes that dominate the interior, from mist-covered mountains and tropical jungles, rice terraces or mysterious lakes to waterfalls cascading through river canyons. Along the coast stretches of white sandy beach fringed with coconut palms lead up to fishermen’s villages, and dazzling coral reefs encircle dormant volcanoes that burst out of the sea.

In Komodo’s National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage center, you can approach the famous giant dragons in the wild. The seas around the island are home to some of Indonesia’s most exhilarating submarine life, and our tours offer world-class diving and snorkeling