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I feel better:

  • "Wasn't sure what to expect, but afterward I swear it was easier to breathe." (Mike Martin)

  • "I'm not entirely sure how or why it worked, but there was definitely something happening. There was pressure even though Cindy wasn't touching me at the time." (Dave Makin)

  • "Cindy is phenomenal, professional, and effective. She makes a difference in your energy and will change your Qi!" (Merry Amann)

  • "Profound healing" (Anonymous Client - Des Moines, IA)

  • I feel very relaxed (Miscellaneous Clients, Multiple Locations)

  • I sleep better (Miscellaneous Clients, Multiple Locations)

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This was my first experience with Medical Qigong. I found Cindy to be patient and thorough in explaining what our sessions would include. She first asked me questions to help understand what issues I was working through and why I was trying Medical Qigong. As for the treatment itself, I found it to be relaxing. Afterward I felt calm and lighter, like some of the emotional heaviness I was carrying around had shifted. Cindy also taught me exercises I could do on my own, which I appreciated. I would recommend Cindy!

(Mary Beth Wims)

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I never knew it could be so easy [to release back pain]

(Anonymous Client, Portugal)

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In 3 minutes, I released what I've been working on for years.

(Anonymous Client, Portugal)

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I just wanted you to know how good it feels to smile again

[After 5 years of anxiety]

(Anonymous Client, Michigan)

Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words...

Before Treatments

This photo is untouched from the original photo the client sent to me.

After Three Treatments

(This is a beneficial SIDE EFFECT! The treatments
were not even targeting the spots on his hand...)

This photo has been cropped to zoom in on comparison area, but is otherwise untouched from the original photo the client sent to me.

Please ignore the lighting differences as the photos were taken in different locations - the change to note is the how little the white spot stands out now.