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I feel better:

  • "Wasn't sure what to expect, but afterward I swear it was easier to breathe." (Mike Martin)

  • "I'm not entirely sure how or why it worked, but there was definitely something happening. There was pressure even though Cindy wasn't touching me at the time." (Dave Makin)

  • "Cindy is phenomenal, professional, and effective. She makes a difference in your energy and will change your Qi!" (Merry Amann)

  • "Profound healing" (Anonymous Client - Des Moines, IA)

  • I feel very relaxed (Miscellaneous Clients, Multiple Locations)

  • I sleep better (Miscellaneous Clients, Multiple Locations)

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This was my first experience with Medical Qigong. I found Cindy to be patient and thorough in explaining what our sessions would include. She first asked me questions to help understand what issues I was working through and why I was trying Medical Qigong. As for the treatment itself, I found it to be relaxing. Afterward I felt calm and lighter, like some of the emotional heaviness I was carrying around had shifted. Cindy also taught me exercises I could do on my own, which I appreciated. I would recommend Cindy!

(Mary Beth Wims)

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I never knew it could be so easy [to release back pain]

(Anonymous Client, Portugal)

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In 3 minutes, I released what I've been working on for years.

(Anonymous Client, Portugal)

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I just wanted you to know how good it feels to smile again

[After 5 years of anxiety]

(Anonymous Client, Michigan)