Clinical Research Study Summaries

With a properly trained practitioner, Medical Qigong is effective and safe for most forms of illness / pain.

Here are a few clinical research study summaries to give you an idea of the efficacy of Medical Qigong.


  • "67.2% clinical recovery (clinical symptoms disappeared completely with joint function in normal. Laboratory examinations showed that ASO and RF were negative. All this [these] cases did not recur in half a year.)";

  • "28.4% showed obvious effect (the symptoms were almost disappeared with slightly limited joint function but normal life)"; and

  • "4.4% showed some effect (symptoms and physical sign ameliorated a little)."

Clinical Research:


"Treatment with EQT [External Qigong Therapy] resulting in complete recovery for some FMS patients suggests that TCM [Traditional Chinese Medicine--in this study, the External Qigong Therapy branch of TCM] may be very effective for treating pain and the multiplicity of symptoms associated with FMS."

Clinical Research:

High Blood Pressure / Cortisol Concentrations

"There was a significant difference in embedding dimension of PBP [Peripheral Blood Pressure]. Plasma cortisol concentrations during QT [Medical Qigong treatment / therapy] were significantly lower than during control sessions (P<0.5). These findings suggest that the QT may reduce stress level and stabilize the autonomic nervous system."

Clinical Research:

Muscle Pain and Tension

This study of Medical Qigong treatments (not exercises) focuses on back pain.

“Through qigong techniques, they have achieved a success rate of 90%. By using qigong, they can reduce muscle pain, and adjust muscle tension so that the dislocated joints and muscles can regenerate. Qigong also is successful in the adjustment and balance of the spinal column so that the dislocated spinal column may return to a normal position.”

Clinical Research:

Spinal Disease

“A clinical study on the treatment of 292 cases related to spinal diseases is carried out in our hospital with Qigong combined with Chinese and Western medicine. The total effective rate reaches 97.7%.”

Clinical Research:

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Much, much more that I don't have listed yet...

Medical Qigong can assist with alleviating many types of illness / pain by getting your Qi to flow optimally.

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