Frequently Asked Questions

Balanced / Flowing Qi = Health

Blocked / Unbalanced Qi = Illness / Pain

What does a typical appointment consist of?

  1. An assessment of where bio-energetic imbalances / blockages exist in your body;

  2. An energy medicine treatment to aid your body in returning to harmony:

    • cleanse;

    • strengthen; and

    • balance

  3. Instruction tailored to your current unique energetic and physical make-up* empowering you to alleviate the imbalances / blockages on your own:

    • acupressure point(s) self-massage;

    • easy, gentle exercises;

    • meditations; or

    • vocalized tones

* Recommendations are specific to you! What you need is different from what someone else needs and it could be dangerous to for that person to implement suggestions meant for you! Even if someone has the exact same condition as you (let's say you both have headaches as an example), the cause of your condition and how your condition manifests can be very different and requires very different treatments.

How many sessions do I need?

It depends.

Some people get relief from immediately in the first session. Others take a lot longer. It depends on what you are currently experiencing and what your health goals are for the future. For example, a you might come in for relief from a headache (relief usually comes in one session); or, you might decide to address the underlying cause of the headache (while you may still get relief from the current headache in the first session, addressing the cause usually takes more sessions).

Although miracles can and do happen where someone might be "cured" in one session, most of the time, that is not the case. If you want to address long-term discomfort / illness / pain or if you want to address the underlying reason you were susceptible to a short-term issue, it usually takes more sessions.

The general pattern that people go through is represented in the graph image to the left (or above if you are on a cell phone). The vertical axis represents the level of discomfort / illness / pain. The horizontal axis represents time / number of treatments. Usually you experience relief after the treatment, but then as your old habits unconsciously return, the discomfort / illness / pain returns (usually not to the original level). This up & down pattern continues as your body establishes new healthier energetic habits.

There are a lot of variables that impact how many sessions you need. Here are some of the more obvious variables:

  • Is your discomfort / illness / pain acute or chronic?

  • How long have you experienced your discomfort / illness / pain?

  • How old are you (more years to accumulate stress and toxic energies)?

  • What caused your discomfort / illness / pain?

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What should I expect to experience during / after treatment?

Inner Peace

The most common experience is an overall sense of relaxation / release similar to what one experiences with a massage. The most common reaction is falling in and out of sleep / feeling somewhat drowsy during treatment.

But it is impossible to predict who will experience what when. Therefore, expect the unexpected. Things get released during treatment so anything can happen. (Note: sometimes the release itself can be temporarily unpleasant, but people almost always feel much better and more relaxed after the release.) Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • feeling emotion(s) such as joy, happiness, contentment, etc;

  • feeling emotion(s) such as sadness, fear, anger, etc (temporarily while the blocked energy is released);

  • experiencing spontaneous (but temporary) physical reaction(s) such as twitching, passing gas, laughing, crying, warmth, coolness, pain, etc;

  • recalling experiences, feelings (usually emotional, but can be physical as well), or thoughts from the past - these might be pleasant or unpleasant;

  • experiencing a sensation that is not currently happening (for example, sometimes people see patterns of light during treatment or hear sounds when the treatment space is quiet or smell aromas like the scent of the beach or the smell of smoke) - sometimes this is associated with a memory but not always; and / or

  • expelling stuff from the body (mucous, blood, cysts, vomit, changes in urination / defecation) as the body releases toxins that are cleared

How can I get started?

If you are new to Medical Qigong and / or energetic healing, I suggest scheduling an introductory treatment to determine if you are responsive to this modality of healing and to determine if you are responsive to me specifically as a practitioner. Sometimes people respond differently to various energetic modalities and even different practitioners practicing the same modality. It's often helpful to start with an introductory session to try out the modality / practitioner.

However, if you are more adventurous and intuitively believe that this will be beneficial for you, feel free to schedule any treatment / treatment package that appeals to you.

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Is Medical Qigong safe?

Yes! When done properly.

While there is always some risk with anything in life (even walking!), with a properly trained practitioner who respects energetic hygiene and safety, Medical Qigong is generally very safe.

However, since toxic energy is released, Medical Qigong can be unpleasant at times (see "What should I expect to experience..." above). And, because each experience can be different, it is impossible to predict how you might react. For some, the unpredictability can be a little scary. But, rest assured, even if an unpleasant reaction does happen, it is usually pretty short-lived. After that, you get to enjoy all of the benefits of healing.

Most of the time, it is very pleasant, energizing, and relaxing.

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I'm a skeptic - is there clinical research on Medical Qigong?

There are no huge corporations with a vested interest in making enormous profits from Medical Qigong, so there isn't a lot of research being funded in this area. Luckily, some clinical research exists (in my personal opinion, the world would greatly benefit from more research being done in this area!) - please see a few clinical research summaries here: Health Benefits Research Summaries

What are your credentials for practicing Medical Qigong?

Currently, I have passed the exams for the Medical Qigong Therapist certification.

This means that I have:

  • 315 hours of hands-on instruction;

  • 70 hours of clinical examinations including:

    • oral exams,

    • demonstration of treatment techniques,

    • demonstration / explanation (technique, when to use, and when / how to modify) of the "homework" given to clients based on their unique energetic patterns:

      • acupressure self-massage,

      • exercises,

      • meditations, and

      • tones,

    • 8 intensely evaluated exam demonstrations of actual full treatments with real clients (ensuring techniques appropriate to the client's energetic patterns are applied with efficacy and safety);

  • 2 written exams (one for the Practitioner certification and one for the Therapist certification);

  • college-level anatomy and physiology courses;

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine theory courses (separate from MQ instruction);

  • Red Cross Certified Basic Life Support training; and

  • oodles of hours with clients of my own

My instructor is a Doctor of Medical Qigong, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dàoshi 道士 (ordained Daoist), and licensed physician in both the United States and China.

The curriculum used by the institute from which I receive my training is recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Health. And, when I (finally!) qualify for my doctorate, I will be recognized as a Doctor of Medical Qigong, China.

I have also functioned as a Teacher Assistant for a cohort for the Medical Qigong Practitioner and Therapist certification programs, so, in addition to the requirements listed above, I have repeated most of the above credentials twice (once as student and once as Teacher Assistant).

Finally, I practice / train / study between 2 - 6 hours per day 6 days per week to continually improve and refine my knowledge and skills.

Who are you / what's your story?

Please see About Me (My Story) for more information.

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Do I have to adhere to a certain religious / spiritual belief to benefit from Medical Qigong?

Absolutely not! Medical Qigong does not discriminate based on religion (nor anything else)!

It does, however, require faith that there are natural processes and things in this universe that science does not yet understand and that science does not yet have the level of technological sophistication required to identify / measure what is happening.

Back to religion specifically... My clients are / have been:

  • Catholic;

  • Baptist;

  • Jewish;

  • Agnostic;

  • Atheist;

  • Spiritual without an Affiliated Religion; or

  • Other / Undisclosed

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What should I wear to an appointment?

You will ALWAYS remain fully clothed throughout the entire session. Qi (energy) travels through clothing. However, please do wear comfortable, loose (but not so loose that it is falling off) clothing so that you do not restrict your own Qi (and Blood) flow by constricting your physical tissues.

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Energy exists in nature - why do you accept financial payment for energy healing, shouldn't it be free?

First, what is your health worth to you?

Second, I want to reiterate that I also accept barter / trade under certain circumstances (please email to arrange).

Third, I always find this an odd question. And, quite honestly, an offensive one (apologies for the crabbiness, but really...). No one questions why other medical professionals (especially allopathic practitioners) or other types of workers (artists, carpenters, dancers, engineers, janitors, lawyers, singers--and a person's voice is natural and free, teachers, well - basically, you name it...) either accept financial payments or are paid by a company / organization. However, I will still attempt to answer: The energy used for healing most definitely exists in nature and is free; however, my training and education is not free. Neither is my time (including pre-treatment preparation, the treatment itself, and the post-treatment documentation / planning for future treatments to meet the short-term and long-term health goals of the client). It is also necessary for me to train every day to maintain / improve my skills. This is not the type of work a person can do simply attending a weekend workshop or by attending class for a limited number of hours. It requires a lifetime of daily practice and commitment - this takes time (usually anywhere from 2 - 6 hours a day on top of treatment-related time) and that is time that I am not able to use to earn subsistence in another fashion. Sorry folks, but I do require food and shelter to exist. I'm not an extravagant person by most standards, but I am human and require basic resources to remain alive and to maintain the ability to effectively work with clients.