Fear, Back Pain, Lines, Acorns, and Snakes

Fear, Back Pain, Lines, Acorns, and Snakes—How do these topics all fit together? Keep reading…

Once upon a time, a little girl was playing in her backyard,

when all of the sudden, she spotted something with (yikes!)

[scroll down...]


EEEK! A snake!

Terrified, the little girl ran shaking and crying in fright to her older brothers to save her from the evil, scary snake that was out to get her. Being brave and heroic older brothers, they courageously went out to the backyard to protect the little girl from the dangerous

[scroll down...]


(The acorn cap was the only part showing above the leaves on the ground…)

Why was the little girl so afraid of a harmless acorn? To explain, I’ll first ask you a question:

What do you see in the image to the right?

What letter do you see? What number do you see?

[scroll down...]

If you answered anything (oh, let's say perhaps you answered "B" or "13") other than random lines with gaps in between them (or an equivalent description), you’re doing exactly what the little girl did. You are filling in information from previous experience that actually does not exist in the current experience / situation. The little girl saw something that kind of / sort of / maybe looked similar to scales, became a slave to her fear of snakes, and, as a result, (incorrectly) filled in the gaps.

So, how do you see what’s really there (acorns or lines) instead of seeing a “reality” that does not actually exist (snakes, letters, or numbers)?

Awareness is the first step. When you feel fear (of abandonment, of betrayal, of rejection—of whatever), ask yourself if you are accurately perceiving what is actually there in that moment or if you are transferring past experience / beliefs to the present. Is your family member, friend, ex, boss, partner, co-worker truly trying to control / use / change / mock / etc you OR are you extrapolating from your past? (E.g., “OMG, like, my partner totally asked me to pick up toilet paper while I’m at the store and that’s exactly what my control-freak ex did too so therefore my current partner will turn out to be a control freak as well…” Sheesh, calm down! Take even, deep breaths. The only information you truly have is that your current partner asked you to get TP—nothing more.)

Another step is to RELEASE the suppressed stress / emotional charge from the original painful experience (e.g., maybe the little girl had previously been bitten by a snake) or from the conditioned belief (e.g., the little girl never actually had a bad experience with snakes, but had been somehow taught / conditioned to believe that snakes were out to harm her, perhaps even as easily as once seeing an adult react with fear to a snake…). Whether the fear came from an actual experience or from a conditioned belief is irrelevant, the point is in order to use fear in a healthy and appropriate manner (as a protection from TRUE danger—like a poisonous snake—versus fake danger—like an acorn or even a non-poisonous, non-human-eating snake), it’s necessary to clear the attachment to and charge (stress) of the past experience(s) and / or belief(s).

So, we’ve tied together fear, lines, acorns, and snakes—how does back pain fit in?

According to Chinese Medicine Theory (which, for the purpose of this article, I am reducing an infinitely complex theory down to an extremely oversimplified concept), fear has an association with the back (and with the knees, and with reproductive organ performance, and with hearing, and with nerve / brain function, and with etc. etc. etc.). The unnecessary stress of false fear (or even real fear that has been prolonged after the danger is gone) can make you susceptible to illness, injury, and pain. It will also make it very difficult for you to heal from illness, injury, and pain. OUCH!

So, to help alleviate the stress that is preventing from your back (or a multitude of other areas) from healing:

  • Stop turning acorns into snakes (or random lines with gaps into letters or numbers)! Evaluate the situation honestly and completely (what were the exact words said / behaviors demonstrated / etc versus the interpretation you gave them based on your past or a conditioned belief?)
  • Find a way to start releasing your stored-up stress (a TRUE release please, not just something that provides temporary relief by further suppressing--and in some cases, even amplifying--it!).

In addition to a plethora of other physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits, Medical Qigong can help you learn to TRULY release (seriously, layers are gone!) emotional charges.

“I never knew it could be so easy” [to release back pain]

(Anonymous Client, Portugal)

Medical Qigong can be used as a stand-alone option for pain management or as compliment to conventional treatments. Sample of clinical research: