Balance Your Qi (Energy)

to Optimize Your Health

According to Chinese Medicine theory, good health is the result of well-balanced / smooth-flowing Qi (energy) while illness and pain are the result of blocked / unbalanced Qi.

Medical Qigong (pronounced chee-gung) is a branch of Chinese Medicine that helps you to balance your body’s Qi enabling optimal health.

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Personalized Medical Qigong Treatments

Typical Appointment Consists of:

  1. An assessment of where bio-energetic imbalances / blockages exist in your body;

  2. An energy medicine treatment to aid your body in returning to harmony:

    • cleanse;

    • strengthen; and

    • balance

  3. Instruction tailored to your current unique energetic and physical make-up* empowering you to alleviate the imbalances / blockages on your own:

    • acupressure point(s) self-massage;

    • easy, gentle exercises;

    • meditations; and / or

    • vocalized tones

* Recommendations are specific to you! What you need is different from what someone else needs and it could be dangerous to for that person to implement suggestions meant for you! Even if someone has the exact same condition as you (let's say you both have headaches as an example), the cause of your condition and how your condition manifests can be very different and requires very different treatments.