Balance Your Qi (Energy)

to Optimize Your Health

According to the National Institute of Health’s video “Introduction to Medical Qigong—Mysteries & Wonders of Chinese Medicine”​
“Good health is [the] result of a free-flow[ing], well-balanced qi system,​ while sickness or pain is the result of qi blockage or unbalanced qi.”​

Medical Qigong (pronounced chee-gung) is a branch of Chinese Medicine* that helps you to balance your body’s Qi enabling optimal health.

What Balance Your Qi Can Help With

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* While the institute granting my certification is sanctioned by the Chinese Ministry of Health, the state of Colorado does not have an agency able to regulate credentialing for this branch of medicine and therefore, under Colorado SB-215, requires Alternative and Complementary Medicine practitioners to provide a disclosure statement (please see mine here: https :// forms .gle/4Wswonzw4Tcq7KFu5).

Available Services

Special Event

I recently added a new location (Saturdays only) in Littleton, CO and am offering free sample treatments on Sat, Feb 25 & Mar 4 as a way to introduce myself to new area.

Personalized Therapeutic Treatments

Typical Appointment Consists of:

* Recommendations are specific to you! What you need is different from what someone else needs and it could be dangerous to for that person to implement suggestions meant for you! Even if someone has the exact same condition as you (let's say you both have headaches as an example), the cause of your condition and how your condition manifests can be very different and requires very different treatments.