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iPad Safe Handling Guidelines

Chromebook Safe Handling Guideline

Google Classroom

How to sign into Google Classroom

Signing in for the first time

Offline Mode for Chromebooks & G Suite

Google Classroom for Parents

How to upload assignments to Google Classroom

Google Classroom for parents Part 2

How to use Google Classroom

Turning in Assignments in Google Classroom

How a Parent can accept a Guardian Invitation from Google Classroom

Google Meet: How to join a video Meeting

How to join a Google Meet from Google Classroom

Muting the Microphone on Google Meet

Accessing Chat on Google Meet

How to use the Present Screen Option

How to Join a video call using a phone number


How to Join a Zoom Meeting

Configuring audio in a Zoom Meeting


Student Seesaw Tutorial

How to sign in to Seesaw with Email

How to sign in to Seesaw with Home Learning Codes

How to Respond to an Activity in Seesaw

How to record a video in a Seesaw

Flipgrid / Kahoot

Remote Style!

-Paraprofessional -Remote Training