US Media Submissions

Candid photos are not posed. They capture moments as they occur.

Close-ups focuses on one face and expression such as a smile or laugh to demonstrate feeling or character.

Wide-shots provide a sense of the venue, attendance, and atmosphere of the space.

Eye level shots invite the viewer into the scene. For these shots it may be helpful to think about where you would be located if you were a participant.

Q: What to photograph?

A: Moments which focus on action:

  • A spirit of joy and enthusiasm tempered with reverence and dignity.

  • A diversity of participants (culture, gender, age).

  • Activities (praying, playing music, acting, singing, speaking) along with the reaction or response of the listeners (in the same or multiple photos).

  • Moments where the energy of individuals and groups are being felt and expressed.

  • Radiant faces which capture the emotion or feeling the individual is communicating. Strive for straight-on, profile, and three-quarter angle shots. Avoid the backs of heads.

  • The full gathering as well as individuals and small groups so that individuals are seen in relation to the whole.

  • The venue and people coming and going in order to see the larger context of the space and movement in it.


  • Being conscientious of presence in the environment

  • Being ready for spontaneous opportunities

  • Reviewing your work on a bigger screen

  • Capturing a series of angles

  • Keeping a steady hand

  • Select highest quality version of image