Data Tools & Guides

Use the tools on this page to find data on:

  • Occupational Demand, Supply of Graduates, Living Wage Occupations and In-Demand Skills

You'll also find crosswalks to help explore alignment between K-12 pathways, community college programs and occupations.

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Supply Table

Supply Table.mp4

Use the Supply Table to examine data on the supply of graduates from a given program(s). View the video above to walk through an example, or visit here for an overview.

Demand Table

Demand Table.mp4

Use the Demand Table to examine data on the projected demand of a given occupation(s). View the video above to walk through an example, or visit here for an overview.

Perkins Table

Perkins Tool.mp4
  • Use the Perkins Table to review high-wage and in-demand occupations that meet criteria for the Perkins V CLNA Reporting Framework for California Community Colleges.

Skills Table

  • Use the Skills Table to review top in-demand specialized and software skills requested by employers, organized by skill cluster, sector or select occupations.

Crosswalks & Manuals

K12 Pathways to CC Programs

Use this crosswalk to view how K-12 CTE pathways align with community college CTE programs across the Bay Region.

TOP to SOC Codes

Use this crosswalk to match California Community College Taxonomy of Program (TOP) codes to Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes.

O*NET Online

Use this site to search for the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code for a given occupation(s).

Taxonomy of Program (TOP) Code Manual

Use this manual from the California Chancellor's Office to look up the TOP code of a community college program(s).