It's Alive! Well Maybe.


  • SCI 1.1-1.7
  • SCI 2.1-2.4


  • BIO.B.3.3.1
  • BIO.A.4.2.1
  • BIO.A.1.1.1
  • BIO.A.1.2.2
  • BIO.A.4.1.2
  • BIO.A.4.1.1
  • BIO.A.4.1.3
  • BIO.A.2.1.1
  • BIO.A.2.2.1
  • BIO.A.2.2.2
  • BIO.A.2.2.3
  • BIO.A.2.3.1
  • BIO.A.2.3.2


One thing that scientists do to make their work known is publish their work. By doing this, it lets other people know about the work that they are doing, and gives other people the oppurtunity to research further and complete their own work on the topic.

In this studio you will conduct an investigation and publish your methods, your findings and your conclusion! For more on this, please click on the performance task page.

Welcome to the Studio: "Its Alive! Well Maybe." In this studio we will look at what the study of Biology centers around: LIFE. We will look at all of the different types of life here on earth, what it means to be alive and how earth has just the right combination of things to hold life. Let's begin!

For Our Daily Agenda, Please Click Below!

Student Agenda!-Biology