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We believe here at AZMO marketing that an effective strategy begins with Search Engine Optimization. But what if your site is nailed down tight?

Not to worry, you can still leverage Google, your own website's content, and social media not only to bolster your SEO defense to maintain your rank, but also to see higher Returns on Investment (ROI) for your non-SEO marketing campaigns. For example, if you have excellent SEO, but you're not running branded search ads, you're missing your audience entirely when they're searching for you.

As another example, if your website has SEO-friendly content and you aren't pushing it to your social media audience, then chances are your SEO is slipping due to poor social signals. Tailoring a social media strategy around your audience and your content will keep your SEO up, and grow your social media audience organically.

However, if you find that your social media audience is stable and solid, but you just aren't getting the web traffic that you were once used to, it may be time to tailor a content strategy to stimulate and engage with your audience. After all, the web and social media are the new word-of-mouth benefits of advertising; If your audience isn't sharing your content, they probably aren't talking about it either.

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