1. Navigating the Campaign Planning College;
  2. Best Practices for Planning;
  3. What is a Plan?
  4. Sample Plan;
  5. Budgeting Rules;
  6. Sample Budget.

Lesson 1 - Navigating the Campaign Planning College

One Pager - Use this as a guiding document throughout the Campaign Planning College

Lesson 2 - Best Practices for Planning

Planning Best Practices

Lesson 3 - What is a plan?

Wellstone Guide - What is a campaign plan? How do they work?

Lesson 4 - Sample Plan

Wellstone Example - After learning the concepts of a campaign plan, take a look at an example. Take notes for use in your own campaign.

Lesson 5 - Budgeting Rules

Wellstone Budgeting Guide - Rules to follow when developing a campaign budget

Lesson 6 - Sample budget

Template - For you to download, use, and customize.

NOTE: Excel formulas must be manually corrected when adding rows/columns.