Jungle Life

"Adopt the pace of Nature. Her secret is patience" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

We have learned that attempting to heal addiction in the same society, culture, and environment that created the problem is extremely challenging and for some impossible.

Many individuals who overcome substance addiction simply move into an addiction to cigarettes, coffee, sugar, pornography and unhealthy lifestyles. We have found that if the interruption of 'regular' life can be so total that the individual has to recreate everything about themselves then they truly have a chance at being liberated.

What better way than to go way back to the roots of human development than by living in a minimalist jungle environment.

Sacred boiling river in the heart of the Amazon to cleanse the spirit and body (that is steam)

Extremely healthy diet consisting of all organic fruit, grains, and vegetables (very little meat)

Daily exercise with hiking and swimming to get the body into it's normal optimal state

No internet or cell reception and only a few hours of electricity per day, no distractions

Lots of alone time to contemplate and learn to deal with your emotions and mind

Animals and insects in abundance helping redevelop an appreciation for all life

Living with others who live simple yet happy and fulfilled lives needing very little

Learning about plants and getting back to the root of the human experience; nature