La Selva Addiction Recovery

They say connection is the solution to addiction. Connect to the planet and yourself, they will always be there for you... - C. Johnston

La Selva Addiction Recovery is a new model of treating addiction with the oldest of methods, nature and intrapersonal exploration. "La Selva" is spanish for "The Jungle".

Have you been to numerous rehabs, treatment centers and detoxes only to come out clean but still without purpose or direction? Have you ever wondered why you are unable to succeed when it seems you have all the opportunity to do so?

We have experienced addiction to the most abusive of substances. We have tried all the various methods of detox. We have succeeded through our process and have learned the complexity of addiction is much deeper than what 99% of people realize.

We have worked for years and with hundreds of individuals personally dealing with all manner of addictions. We have explored 12-step work, SMART Recovery, religious treatment and pharmaceutical solutions (suboxone, methadone, benzodiazepines, antidepressants, etc.) only to discover that they rarely solve any of the underlying problems.

We have owned and operated treatment centers, sober livings and recovery coaching groups only to see the individuals get some relief but ultimately come back to where they were.

We have also worked with more radical treatments such as Ibogaine, Kratom and CBD/Cannabis in order to realize that more is needed.

Through all this trial and error we have been gifted into realizing that a deep personal healing and connection to spirit, planet and community are needed in order for addiction to be a thing of the past. Let us tell you about what we have discovered...