About Us

Charles Johnston

His work in the field of healing addiction began almost 5 years ago when he used a plant medicine from Africa, Ibogaine, to heal his intravenous heroin addiction. Addiction began for him like many at an early age with sugar, video games, and TV - advanced in pornography and risk seeking behavior - and finally reached it's culmination with heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and everything else.

Over the last 5 years he has worked in many ways assisting others and after a very expansive search for ways to treat addiction he believes that the jungle is the secret to true lasting recovery for the highest percentage of people. His guidance and experience provide a roadmap of success and long-term support for all our clients transformation.

He is a life coach, addiction specialist, public speaker and motivator.

Tatiana Marques

Growing up in both rural and urban Brazil exposed her to a great deal of addiction. She lost members of her immediate family to alcoholism and drug related activity and even in her search for solace found herself in the midst of a personal alcoholic struggle. Through this process and subsequent depression she was graced with an opportunity to do Ayahuasca and her whole life shifted.

She now devotes her life and the last 8 years to sharing this other worldly medicine with individuals to heal trauma, addiction, loss, and so much more. Her nurturing motherly spirit and compassion provide the perfect comfort to support our clients as they heal and rid themselves of the worst parts of what they have experienced in life.

She is a medicine woman, teacher and healer.

David Tennant

Like so many who now support others in overcoming addiction, he spent almost 8 years addicted to opiates, benzodiazepines, alcohol and others substances. He had the opportunity to work with Ibogaine twice, went to a dozen rehabs, and tried everything before he was suicidal with the grief of failure.

With a last ditch attempt he joined Tatiana and Charles on a trip to Peru not knowing what to expect and simply living in a hell of pure desperation. Having not slept for a week and racked with anxiety, the idea of the jungle and drinking Ayahuasca had him scared.

In two days time he was a changed man. Sleeping 8 hours again, a lifetime of anxiety and guilt subsiding, and finally feeling a purpose in life. He now spends his time pursuing his passion of video production and bringing people to the jungle to allow them to experience the same miracle he underwent.

He is group leader, jungle guide and local Tarzan.