Team 8 Orange


We are looking forward to a great 2022-2023 school year! This page has all the information for students/parents on Team 8 Orange.  Make sure to click the pages on the top right to see our Schedule/ Calendar/ Monthly Newsletters! Enjoy and reach out to us through our emails as needed.

-Team 8 Orange


Mrs. Jensen

I am the English Language Arts teacher for 8 Orange. We will be reading short stories, poetry, a play, and a novel. Also, we will be writing, and working on grammar throughout the year. 

This is my 18th year at Overlook. I love what I teach and I hope you find something you love to read in my class!

All of my class material/work can be found in google classroom- please keep up to date when out by visting there. 

Mr. Jepson 

My name is Ken Jepson, I am the math teacher for team 8 Orange. I have been a math teacher at Overlook for four years and I am looking forward to helping our students improve their math skills and their confidence in the subject area.

This year we will cover many different math topics, including solving equations, exponents, Pythagorean Theorem and others. Currently we are working on slope, and graphing lines.

Mr. Migaowicz

I am the new Social Studies teacher for this team! This year we will focus on the United States government and how they can make a positive impact in their community as US citizens.  My favorite pasttime is running.

Mr. Young

Hello from Science! Mr. Young here, taking you on a science adventure into the world of Chemistry and Physics. In room 207 we work together to explore many hands-on activities and labs about concepts such as Volume, Density, Gravity, Motion, and Energy. Community is incredibly important to me and I work tirelessly to instill these values into my instruction. As I enter my 24th year as a teacher at Overlook, I am hopeful that this year will be my best year ever! Currently in science class, we are learning about the Volume of both regular and irregular shaped objects. This concept requires precision in our scientific approach to ensure accurate results. Thinking, speaking, writing, and acting like a scientist is our constant goal for this school year!

Let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks for your patience!

Ms. Moran

I am the 8th grade Special Ed. Teacher.  I went through Overlook, however I went to St. Bernard's H.S.  In my spare time I like to bake, play with my nieces, nephews, and my cat.  I enjoy being outside and love being near water.