Skolldir Showdown is a 1v1 Skolldir TDM Tournament! It's structure is basically like this: On the day of open qualifiers, the participants are sorted into 5-man Round Robin Pools and accumulate points through their performance ingame. The top 8 players in points are invited to the exclusive Playoffs event.

Every player is required to use the official Skolldir Showdown build:

Skolldir Showdown started in June 2016 as an invite only Skolldir round robin. The next year, it became the first tournament in Awesomenauts history to use the level editor to design a custom map for an event. Taking inspiration from Skolldir's jump and tech and the Super Smash Bros level Battlefield, it is one of the most played 1v1 maps on the Steam Workshop with over 500 subscribers. The map was designed with Skolldir and the Skolldir Showdown build in mind. It tests reflexes, timing, and jump pad tech amongst other things.

This map was designed by Awesomenauts modder Sam! Sam frequently releases unique high quality maps for both the competive and casual scenes of Awesomenauts. If you enjoyed the Skolldir Showdown map, consider checking out his other content: